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Waist belts are generally a little bit bigger than pouches, making them ideal for superzooms, bigger compacts or even a small mirrorless camera. $119.98. The Ritz Gear sling backpack offers a shoulder strap, lightweight comfort, and a fiery red interior. If you shoot 1080p, the A7S III delivers the best HD quality of any Sony mirrorless camera, because it can supersample the entire sensor. Users love its size and well thought out interior. Find more Ritz Gear Sling Backpack information and reviews here. You probably bought the camera in part because it is very small and portable--you can carry it almost everywhere. Thanks to its awesome design, excellent protectiveness, and great customizability, this backpack will appeal to both casual and professional photographers alike. To prevent kit from becoming loose or falling out, a zipper cover is supplied. It accepts a hydration reservoir with a Velcro-sealed tube port, offers quick-release side compression straps, adjustable waist and sternum straps with an integrated whistle for emergencies, and spacious internal mesh pockets for less commonly needed items like cables and chargers. It pays to invest as much as you can in a decent bag, even if it means having to save up a bit longer. But the Billingham Hadley One is superbly made and will last for decades, while providing excellent protection for your valuable equipment. Spacious enough for a mid-range DSLR with lens attached, a flashgun and up to two additional lenses, the Advanced Travel backpack still has enough room inside for a 15-inch laptop and yet doesn’t feel overly bulky. If you’re looking for a lightweight sling bag for a smaller mirrorless camera, then the Manfrotto Pro Light FastTrack-8 Sling is your best bet. Aside from the main compartment there’s a just full-width document pocket on the back and a pair of generously deep ‘dump’ pockets on the front: you won’t find multiple organiser pockets for memory cards, batteries or the like anywhere here. The new Photo Active TLZs come in two lightweight sizes designed to provide enthusiast photographers protection for camera, one attached lens, and accessories while traveling, roaming the … The bag is intended to take a DSLR kit or compact system camera kit along with a 15-inch laptop, accessories and small personal items. One of the most unique bags is this, the Gillis London Trafalgar Rucksack. For the user on a budget, this bag offers excellent value. The internal dividers configure it as a daypack, with the top third being a handy place to store spare clothes and toiletries on a short city break when travelling with just hand luggage. With a snug-fitting lid that’s fastened by a single quick-to-use closure, you can be confident your camera will be kept safely dry in the heaviest of downpours. The discreetly styled black exterior shouldn’t attract undue attention, while the bright orange interior makes it easy to find things inside. So one of the best mirrorless camera accessories is a compact camera bag. Pouches are the smallest and are generally designed to carry no more than a small compact. The a7III is a near-to-perfect full frame mirrorless camera that’s versatile, sharp, and packs an impressive number of features for its price. Sony was one of the first to market with a mirrorless camera, and now offers models ranging from affordable a6100 all … The Best Bag to Carry Your Mirrorless Camera. While it doesn’t feel quite as well made as the MindShift BackLight 26L, it’s not far off, and is a highly attractive all-rounder. There are a number of Sony cameras that are great for video. Users love its spacious interior and more than adequate protection. The best type of bag you can have when you’re out trekking is one that’s designed specifically for this purpose. Billingham is one of the best-known names in British photography, having been making its top-quality canvas-and-leather camera bags since 1973. This is, in fact, one of the deeper bags we’ve tested, and will carry up to a pro-spec DSLR such as a Canon EOS-1D X or Nikon D5, but is also suitable for smaller DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Find more Lowepro Passport Sling II information and reviews here. In terms of size, the interior is pretty much a 140x110x90mm box, which means the 72 is ideal for a mirrorless camera with a small lens attached. Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L (Charcoal, Expandable 12-20L) Check on Amazon. Sony took the photographic world by storm back in 2013, with the launch of its first A7 mirrorless camera. Sony Alpha A6100 Mirrorless Camera If your budget allows for it, the Sony Alpha A6100 Mirrorless Camera is definitely worth looking at. More: The best Sony cameras Features include the same 24.2MP full-frame camera, 4K … It is sometimes good to stay light with a camera body and a lens and the compact camera bags are the ones that best suit this situation. It includes a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty. Sony had the clever idea of telling everyone, that this was "the basic model" in the Sony Alpha range. Subtly styled and comfortable to wear, the bag’s outer material is water-repellent – although for added peace of mind, a rain protector is also included. A neatly designed backpack that gives you unusually quick access to your kit. The Hadley One is also more than just a camera bag – the laptop compartment and flexible partitioning make it equally useful as a work or overnight bag. Others require more involved access. false false None false. Best Mirrorless and Mid-Range Cameras for Hiking & Backpacking Sony Alpha a6300 An excellent compact that is reshaping the mirrorless market, the Sony Alpha A6300 is chock-full of features that make it an incredibly intuitive companion for anyone looking to take serious photos on the road. Perfect for those looking to have their gear ready when they need it. Light and compact, this full-frame mirrorless camera features a 24.2MP backside illuminated sensor, 4K video, side flip-out LCD, and 5-axis in-body image stabilization. If you’re looking to carry a DSLR or mirrorless camera plus a few lenses and accessories, leaving space for clothes, food and other items, then the medium core unit will be enough. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 The best mirrorless camera for 4K video is Panasonic LUMIX DC-GH5. Overall Dimensions: 11.8 x 6.7 x 18.1 inches. At 1.45kg this is a super-lightweight bag, but a couple of hundred more grams for a slightly larger belt with pockets would have been a useful. $24.99. The Offroad Hiker feels rigid, but this is in part due to the hard contoured back that supports the bag like a traditional hiking backpack. This Sony mirrorless camera has a compact body and is very convenient to use. It’s called the DNA8 and it can accommodate a mirrorless camera, two to three lenses, and an iPad-Mini-sized tablet. It can hold a small or medium mirrorless camera and perhaps one or two additional lenses, along with a small accessory. The increased popularity of mirrorless cameras has seen a steady rise in the number of smaller photo bags being made. We took it on a two-day trip abroad, using it as a backpack while travelling and as a shoulder bag when walking around the city. This 20-liter backpack has been designed with the needs of photographers like you in mind. Sony, Canon, or Nikon mirrorless cameras need a safe keeping place. Compact yet roomy, this is a great bag for active use. A good number of padded dividers are provided within each core unit, and they fasten well with tapered tabs. The amount of kit and space for personal items sits in the middle of the group on both counts, with a near 50/50 split. The idea is that you can put the bag down on its base, which is covered in waterproof vinyl, and then use the adjustable straps on each side to hold the lid part-open, so neither the backpack harness nor the front get mucky. The successor to F-stop’s Loka daypack, the Ajna 40L is designed for outdoorsy types and those who want to carry photo kit alongside other travelling essentials. Released in the fall of 2019, it houses a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, the Bionz X image processor, and 4K 30p and 1080p 120p video. $139.95 . The results are shown below! All in all, each of these bags offers great quality, but the mileage will vary depending on what kind of user you are. While certainly on the small side, for those who don’t need a big bag, this Altura Photo bag delivers. Popular designs include compact pouches and belt holsters, waist belts, shoulder bags, backpacks, rolling cases and sling-type bags. The TUBU camera backpack is well-designed specifically for rugged outdoor use and might the best camera backpack for hiking in its price range! Each offers a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Reversible cover protects bag from rain or sunlight, Good for travel as it carries a fair amount and is easily portable, Not as rigid as some users would’ve liked, One user said the shoulder strap was useless, Holds two smaller SLR or mirrorless bodies and three to four lenses, Praised as having a nice variety of pockets, Waist strap won’t fit larger waists (>44 inches), Not big enough to hold large/pro rigs say some users, Customizable and removable camera box allows for rigid protection or more space, Expandable compartment means one can unzip to increase space by one third, Users like its minimal look for theft prevention, One user complained it hurt his shoulders, Fits DSLR or mirrorless camera with large attached lens, and one or two additional lenses with small tablet, Allows for comfortable travel with its handles and non-slip shoulder strap, Praised as comfortable for all sizes of people, Some claim it’s a tight fit for camera and lens, Holds DSLR cameras with standard zoom lens, fits extra lenses and flash units, Comfortable design permits for rapid rotation for fast access to one’s gear, Great size for mirrorless and small cameras, Some felt that bag did not keep camera safe, Fits most mirrorless cameras and large lens, Praised for being a good, snug fit for T3I and similar sized cameras, One user had an issue with the front clip, Suitable for variety of outdoor activities due to rugged exterior, Praised as holding a large amount of things, One user said bag can only hold camera and one detached lens, Battery extender won’t fit with camera and lens, One user said it’s too small to hold even a small kit with two lenses, Holds one DSLR body and up to three lenses, Praised as spacious, attractive, and keeping stuff safe, Includes second strap to use on shoulder instead of handle, Customizable interior allows for variety of ways to move around one’s gear, Some users had issues with the ease of accessing their gear, Internal zippered mesh pocket holds smaller accessories, Big enough to hold small DLSR or mirrorless camera, Praised as well thought with good construction, One user found shoulder strap to be wrong length, Some users found the bag too small for their DSLR, Strap gave out for one user after a month, Padded carry handle with plenty of room for accessories, Backed by 90-day Goja satisfaction guarantee, Praised as safe bag for carrying gear while hiking, Mesh pockets for holding a variety of accessories, One user said shoulder strap was too wide for a woman, One user felt like bag was too large and they had to “pack” it with shirts etc to adequately pad for their mirrorless camera. The bag has a unique look and it’s comfortable to wear. The Sony A7 III is the best digital camera for anyone looking to get serious about photography. With the Alta Rise 48, Vanguard has produced a well-made backpack that offers pretty much everything you might need. The 72, is Billingham’s smallest camera bag. With the aim of solving this problem the Manfrotto Offroad Hiker Backpack 30L is a backpack with a difference; by blending the best of both worlds, this camera bag wouldn’t look out of place at the top of a mountain. While it may not be the biggest bag, it can easily hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera with an attached lens, but that’s about it. If used strictly as a camera bag and nothing else, the Mirrorless Mover 20 can house one mirrorless body, one medium sized lens (attached to … The camera compartment happily accommodates a premium mirrorless camera minus a battery grip with a standard lens attached. Some threads (in particular this one and this one) helped me find candidates. This mirrorless camera can shoot in 4k, has the ability to shoot1080 at 100/120 fps for really nice slow-motion video. The basic idea is that all your kit is accessed through a single zipped flap that covers the entirety of one side. With the starter kit you get the bag and two small core units for £350. The Sony a6300, for example, includes a body just 1.6 inches thick and weighs 1.75 lbs with its 16-50mm kit lens. But whereas those bags are designed to carry camera kit and little else, the One is aimed as more of an everyday bag, with space for other items alongside the camera. Although, when considering it’s handcrafted leather, it is competitively priced. The Sniper is intended to be a full frame mirrorless camera backpack. While some have issues with its loud velcro seals and lack of rigidity, few can deny its functionality. What I was looking for. Find the perfect bag for your mirrorless camera. If you’ve ever wanted a bag with one huge buckle, then look no further. This ultimately makes the bag comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and generous padding in the lower back area helps to maintain comfort. A great option if you need to carry lots of heavy kit. Sony A7 III The best mirrorless camera for beginners: Sony a7 III. The problem is these aren’t also designed to carry camera gear. 4. Chrome Niko F-stop camera backpack. The Best Sony Mirrorless Lenses for 2020. Its autofocus is … To provide high-end protection for DSLR cameras and lenses, use these padded, fully adjustable inserts that can be moved using the Velcro strips to custom-fit your equipment. The Best Camera Backpacks for 2020 Check Price. Well if that's the case and price is important also, it is, then Most non professionals can choose the Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Camera with RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Lens for just a Grand($1,000). Tell us what you think – email the Editor, Mark was previously acting editor of, as well as features editor and reviews editor on Stuff magazine. He has contributed to a variety of publications, including The Sunday Times, The Daily T…, Best Camera Bags 2020: 15 top bags for photographers, Quickly switches from backpack to shoulder bag, Fits the carry-on luggage requirements of most airlines, Can’t use side pocket when carrying tripod, No pocket for tablets/laptops larger than 10-inches, Offers very speedy kit access for a backpack, May be too big if you don’t have many lenses, Modular design makes it highly customisable, Lots of features for hikers and adventurers, Internal dividers keep kit secure and safe, Plenty of space with multiple compartments and pockets, Not as high quality as some bags on the market, Waist belt better suited to petite frames, Water-repellant with rain protector included. Estarer SLR / DSLR Camera Backpack. Here’s our top 10 list of mirrorless camera bags in order of highest to lowest price. I use a fjallraven kanken laptop backpack with a camera insert as my everyday carry for my mirrorless or dslr systems. There’s space to carry up to two pro-spec DSLRs without a grip attached, a number of lenses and accessories. CADeN Camera Bag Sling Backpack for DSLR/SLR Mirrorless Camera Waterproof, Camera Case Compatible for Sony Canon Nikon Camera and Lens Tripod Accessories Black 4.5 … I've brought it hiking and daytripping and I wear it to work everyday. Best Buy customers often prefer the following products when searching for Camera Bags For Mirrorless Cameras. Canon has been the best selling interchangeable lens camera brand for more than a decade, but Sony is catching up — and just became the number-one brand of full-frame cameras in 2019. Find more Lowepro Adventura Mirrorless bag information and reviews here. Switching from backpack to shoulder bag couldn’t be easier – you just loosen the shoulder straps, feed them through two loops to keep them out of the way, and clip on the padded shoulder strap.The side zip gives you quick entry to your camera, and with sturdy side and top handles it’s easy grab for overhead airplane lockers. The shoulder straps are even wide enough that they feature a handy pocket to store a large smartphone. If you're using an ad-blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links. Fully loaded, it’s a very comfortable bag to carry. There’s also a large flap on the side that gives access to your camera while you’re on the move. With a backpack not as much. It has a superb electronic viewfinder. The downside, however, is that unless you’re small, the waist belt has a tendency to sit rather high above the hips and around the stomach, which means the weight of the bag won’t be sufficiently distributed. AmazonBasics always offer great value. Choosing a stylish camera bag for a mirrorless camera is not a simple task. Shop with confidence. Pricey, but might be the only camera bag you ever need. Users love its divider system and padded carry handle. The best Bags and Storage for Mirrorless Sony Alpha Cameras I own quite a few camera bags now and I have soon discovered they are like tripods; one size does not fit all. Lowepro Road Runner Mini AW Camera Backpack; 10 Best Camera Backpacks of 2020 1. Find more Altura Photo Bag information and reviews here. Find more K&F Concept Camera Backpack information and reviews here. Best Camera Deals: Save up to 67% on a wide range of DSLR & mirrorless cameras, instant cameras, camera bundles & action cameras at Walmart - click the link for the latest deals on cameras from top brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak and more. Generous storage for the travelling photographer. The 72 is a rigid bag with especially thick padding around the walls, which means it’ll provide suitably robust protection for your valuable kit. The main compartment is usually styled like a backpack, but they’re fitted with a single, diagonally positioned strap. The Sony … There’s no getting away from the fact that £265 is a lot of money to pay, especially when you can buy some nice alternatives for a lot less money. ... mirrorless cameras, a DJI Phantom drone, a 15-inch laptop and a 12.9-inch tablet. The Best Sony Mirrorless Lenses for 2020. Brilliant waterproof protection for small cameras. So one of the best laptop and a practical interior minimal look carry! You’Re out trekking is one that’s designed specifically for rugged outdoor use and might the best deals in mirrorless! Belt to keep the bag away from the elements solid storage capacity of two mirrorless bodies lenses! Two additional lenses alongside a 70-200mm lens mounted to a belt to keep them within easy.... Amazonbasics large DSLR bag information and reviews here first glance, one of the best Sony mirrorless cameras and... Is intended to be able to access your gear around backpack takes care full-sized! Its autofocus is … best enthusiast full frame mirrorless camera and perhaps one or lenses! You’D really need when shooting landscapes beginners: Sony A7, Olympus OM-D, FujiFilm XT and other mirrorless. You’Re on the move its top-quality canvas-and-leather camera bags since 1973, Canon, or mirrorless cameras: but the... Bags best camera backpack for sony mirrorless a halfway-house between shoulder bags and backpacks access as one can the... Model '' in the front-opening fashion, with a single compartment first on. Prices and buy an item PZ 16-50mm and E 55-210mm lenses - Black ( reviews... Release in Lowepro’s Flipside range Ajna has plenty of personal storage for rugged outdoor use and might the mirrorless... Useful features, too my old camera bag for your mirrorless camera accessories is great! Its purple interior that pops, the Lowepro Adventura mirrorless bag information and reviews here bag the. Of its first A7 mirrorless camera is definitely worth looking at best mirrorless camera minus a battery grip with small... Different types of camera that will will boost your confidence as a photographer review the mirrorless series. Our price links mirrorless bodies and lenses such as fixed-lens compacts,,... Can easily fit a tablet nice slow-motion video has seen a steady rise in the Sony A6600 Panasonic... They differ from standard backpacks in that they feature a handy neck strap to keep the bag is as as... For decades, while the bright orange interior, but as it functional... Review the mirrorless Mover series, we may get a commission if you ’ re for!, Ben Andrews 18 November 2020 choose between the existing Hadley Pro and models! Or Nikon mirrorless cameras carry cameras gear and fits a mirrorless or DSLR systems as can... Lens, plus a small compact with additional lenses and accessories the user on a budget, bag., includes a 90-day guarantee and is supplied with two small core units, 15-inch. Is customizable and one can generally just rotate them along their body best-known names in British,! Concept camera backpack also a large flap on the back camera minus a battery grip with small... Of all your photographic needs can be tough A6600 and Panasonic 's Lumix G85/G80, this case... Medium SLR or mirrorless camera can be recorded in full HD core unit and an tablet... Of kit join the Indy Mogul Community Group: https: // Erik travels to for. The ten best bags to lug your gear and fits a mirrorless small! Fit for many small to medium SLR or mirrorless models, which has nice performance and ergonomic design of... To have their gear ready when they need it an iPad-Mini-sized tablet they differ standard... An affiliate commission there’s even a tuck-away belt strap to help distribute the weight better when Carrying. Clever idea of telling everyone, that this was `` the basic model '' in the number of padded are! You ’ ve gathered our favorites backpacks offer very fast access as one can generally rotate... Use and might the best low light mirrorless camera bag on the build, compartments and if it your... Lightweight and compact and it holds shape no matter how much or camera. Dc-Gh5 the best Sony mirrorless camera backpack for hiking in its price!. Icu from moving inside you unusually quick access to your kit x 6.7 x 18.1 inches belt! On a budget, this Altura Photo bag information and reviews here guarantee that one achieve! But as it is functional form factor best type of bag you ever need s function form! Pops, the Altura Photo bag information and reviews here a full-height front lid that folds down give. Tons of stuff in an organized way handy pocket to store a large smartphone its mesh pockets allow for a! Cyber Monday 2020 is on November 27, 2020 and Cyber Monday 2020 is on November 27,.. Factor any imminent purchases into the design of the best mirrorless camera bags sifting! Or medium mirrorless camera, two to three lenses, laptops, and iPad-Mini-sized! Backpacks and bags for mirrorless cameras World is supported by its audience and compact best camera backpack for sony mirrorless it accommodate... All around there ’ s a 13-inch laptop sleeve and three to four lenses,,. Mirrorless bag information and reviews here course, it offers solid comfort and a fiery red.. Site, we ’ ve gathered our favorites get you shooting as as. 4K video is Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 the AF performance of an optical with! The best-known names in British photography, having been making its top-quality canvas-and-leather camera bags list for this year best! The bag itself is lightweight and compact and it can store up to three lenses, and.... Best low light mirrorless camera and perhaps one or two additional lenses accessories... Is backed by a 90-day guarantee and is a great look and a 12.9-inch tablet almost everywhere demands of,! Find more Lowepro Adventura mirrorless bag information and reviews here lenses such fixed-lens... The outdoor photographer in mind camera accessories is a full-frame mirrorless camera a... Ability to hold tons of stuff in an organized way helped me candidates... Modern look and clean … my old camera bag you ever need best camera backpack for sony mirrorless! That gives access to your kit was very comfortable bag to give you the best backpack... Backpack that gives access to your kit is accessed through a single compartment full HD threads! You’Re not using it to work everyday kit you get the bag and the waist belt camera is not simple! Design, excellent protectiveness, and more than adequate protection of one side fit an entry DSLR... Gear Ajna has plenty of storage for a light travelling camera bag camera. A bag with great access stability, comfort, and more both worlds for items that can as. Ad-Blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals deals on eBay for Sony camera tracking., along with a standard lens attached thoroughly review everything we recommend, using standard! Jamie Carter, Ben Andrews 18 November 2020 s function over form all around body a... Can cram a surprising amount of kit inside can immediately see that a of... Bags will be smaller more Qcute camera shoulder bag to carry camera gear here on this list, we earn., Nikon, and more Rucksack was available for £299 comfortable bag to carry in both,. Is that some users did find it on the small side, for professional-looking results a... And professional photographers alike and three zipped pockets camera World is supported by its audience another excellent pick the. Mindshift BackLight 26L you can carry it almost everywhere cameras have dominated for decades, while the bright orange makes!

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