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There is no entity in the United States tracking safety incidents involving captive wildlife, which makes identifying all possible candidates for a big cat safety incident list difficult. Her decision to enter the lion's enclosure might not have been suicidal, as one of the only stories I remember from Bible studies in my childhood is that of God shutting the mouths of lions to save a condemned prisoner because of his unshakable Christian beliefs. If we guesstimate 30 incidences per year, that is .38% for the cats. Improved safety protocols and stricter licensing requirements from the USDA may have affected the operations of zoological facilities. A common theme of these severe attacks are people entering the enclosure inexplicably. However the success rate of each species can vary with pack animals more likely to successfully kill their prey. Hanson was the victim of an occupational hazard and human error. Figure 19. Any time a dangerous wild animal is kept in a captive setting, there is an associated safety risk. Pfaff opened the cage door to the jaguar enclosure and violated two zoo protocol rules in doing so. Home of big cat attacks. Most of these “loose cats” included in the source material were sighted only a single time in rural areas in those same Midwestern states, and no potential owner for an escaped big cat was ever identified in the area. The percentages on my pie chart didn't change as I only have 8 incidences now with gate errors so everything is good now. Throughout my research, unsurprisingly, as the dates got earlier, it became more difficult to verify the incidences. The Canine Research Council has this to say about dog bite-related fatalities: "Dog bite-related fatalities are extremely rare. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on December 02, 2016: L Haas read the title, this article isn't about that. But because there are far more bully breed owners than exotic mammal owners, few have bothered to examine the claims being made about them. The Mngwa, legendary big cat of Tanzania Big cats existing where they should not has been a story that is told in many regions of many countries a myriad of large felines have been spotted and photographed. This accident occurred in a USDA-licensed facility, and the circumstances behind it are not clear. This makes most dogs in the U.S. ill-equipped to kill an able-bodied human, while 100% of adult big cats can kill in seconds. Some cats kill for sport. Dog and exotic cat fatalities and injuries are rare. November 13, 1998, Newberry, FL: The same tiger who killed his trainer on 10/8/98 attacked and killed his owner Doris Guay. The victim was not in the cage, but was bitten severely enough to die from loss of blood. Attacks on Homeless. That is very false. Further research seemed to confirm that the serval and leopard incident were the same. This is not the first time I've noticed deceptive tactics from Big Cat Rescue—another example is the listings on their page 911 Animal Abuse. Incidents causing injuries comprised only 25.4% of the total in private non-professional settings. According to lost pet statistics, around 90% of lost pets are found within 12 hours if the owner is searching for them. Figure 11. Dogs are also more likely to cause injury because they are traditionally less confined and allowed access to children (the most common victims), but unless there are prospects for big cat owners to start treating lions like pomeranians in the future, this is irrelevant. The body was so battered and shredded so violently that her fingerprints were gone and her face unrecognizable. (n.d.). Given the inherent danger of big cats (NOT small to medium-sized cats and cheetahs), this is surprising. Minors Injured or Killed by Big Cats - All Settings, Injuries to minors in big cat safety incidents occurred most frequently in private non-professional settings [Figure 21], at 40% for children and 6.7% for teenagers. This animal severely mauled a zookeeper in 2005 which was not listed by Big Cat Rescue. Photo via Flickr Charles Barilleaux CC By 2.0. Attack: An incident in which a big cat made physical contact with a human in a manner inappropriate for the situation in which it occurred, Barrier Crossing: An incident in which someone specifically crossed, leaned over, or reached through a barrier that they were specifically prohibited from moving beyond, Escape: An incident in which an animal was outside it’s normal containment for a given situation, Dumped: An incident in which an animal was purposefully released in a public space, Public Endangerment: An incident in which someone removed a big cat from its proper containment, but remained in control of the cat. Big Cat Attacks 2011-2017. The majority of these (62.7% of total incidents) resulted in only injury, while 4.2% of the incidents led to someone’s death. A call for better regulation of all facilities holding dangerous cats can likely be effective at lowering death and injury rates. Circus killed a trainer Wayne Franzen in front of 200 horrified schoolchildren. Retrieved December 14, 2018, from The Humane Society of the United States website:, Big-Cat Incidents in the United States (Publication). OSHA did not fine nor violate Project Survival and found no negligence. Retrieved December 14, 2018, from Lions were third most common, at 14.7%. This article includes almost any species someone can privately own and takes animal welfare into full consideration. Facts about Big Cats 4: the roaring of big cats. March 6, 2013 Fresno, CA: A 24-year-old intern named Dianna Hanson was mauled to death while inside a cage with a four-year-old male lion named Cous Cous. This list can be bigger as I couldn't verify if someone was doing something unauthorized in other incidences (and people would be inclined to lie about such actions). People in the Sundarban Tiger Reserve of Bengal wear masks on the back of their heads to prevent tiger attacks since tigers only attack from behind. Hours, Tickets + Directions; Figure 7. Comparison of Big Cat Safety Incidents Over Time by Setting. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab.Link to read me page with more information. While bans on exotic cats remove all private owners from the equation, good and bad, licensed exhibitors, 'sanctuaries', and accredited zoos, which are a significant portion of the injuries and fatalities, are not harmed by them. Incidents with tigers were by far the most frequent, comprising just under half (47.6%) [Figure 5]. 1-53, Publication). Some cats defend territory. Animals are not 100% predictable and small children are at a high risk of being seen as prey by tigers that only see adult humans as authority figures. Chambers, K. (2017). Big-Cat Incidents in the United States performing routine The following is a partial list of incidents involving captive big cats in the United States since 1990. This information may not change your graphs and other information but we would like to get the real information correct. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. More than two thirds of all big cat safety incidents in private non-professional settings during the study period were animal escapes [Figure 15]. Many facilities that are called pet owners by activists are licensed or registered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is a requirement for commercial exhibitors. It was a tragic human error. Most of these were thought to be cougars, or were recorded in the source incident lists as “unidentified large felids.” Studies have shown that cougars, whose current range is generally reported as only being west of the Rocky Mountains, have been recolonizing the Midwest since the 1990s (Larue et al., 2012). I could not find any remnants of reports for the incidences that occurred in 1990, of which there were 4, compared to 2004's 20 attacks. It was a total, total mess!”) that they just happened to find. This lapse of judgement was a preventable, occupational hazard. Did he hit her? Even with the exclusion of the cougars considered to potentially be wildlife, cougars still caused slightly more incidents than lions in private non-professional settings. Ohio’s big cat stampede prods review of laws nationwide. Animal bite accidents make up one of the most common types of personal injury claims in the United States. We should only assess public safety threat by the available information that we have where the public has been injured. Larue, M., Nielsen, C., Dowling, M., Miller, K., Wilson, B., Shaw, H., & Anderson, C. (2012). While hybrids of these species are not included in the regulatory definition, individual hybrid big cats are still safety risks and as such incidents involving them were included in the compilation. Similar bad parenting occurs when children are not supervised around domesticated dogs, which leads to injury and death. Some incidences on the list did not state the name of the facility or owner, and I couldn't determine the nature of the situation. The data set compiled in this study cannot be 100% accurate for several reasons. This statement is incorrect and you have quoted initial knee-jerk false media information. International Shark Attack Files Florida Museum of Natural History Dickinson Hall 1659 Museum Rd PO Box 117800 University of Florida Gainesville FL 32611-7800 352-392-2360 Florida Museum Newsletters Subscribe Now Museum Info. (2018). We can determine from the data that irresponsible conduct around cats puts individuals at the highest risk of injury. My beliefs are subject to change based on available evidence. Note that no one knows how ma… In order to properly assess the risk that captive big cats—both private pets and those owned by zoological facilities—pose toward the public, all we need to do is examine the exotic feline-related incidences that have occurred in recent history. Volunteers participating in animal care and teenagers not responsible for animal care were infrequent targets of big cats during the period studied. You can find big cats living in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Incident frequency was charted by total per year [Figure 6] to get a sense of the trends over time, and for the two settings in which the majority of incidents occurred (zoological facilities and private non-professional settings). (2012, November 28). Whether not a mistake was made is not clear. Diana Renner (30) was mauled by Clem Dubose's privately owned lion when she inexplicably stepped into the cage while Dubose and a neighbor were renovating the enclosure. It can, has, and is being done for conservation, personal pleasure and educational reasons, but many of the best caretakers generally turn themselves into 'sanctuaries' in order to avoid falling victim to exotic animal bans. Another handler was hospitalized with injuries to his knees and puncture wounds. All zoos that are accredited by the AZA are also USDA licensed. Even with some incidents missing, this compiled data set still provides vital information about where and how big cat safety incidents have occurred over time in the United States. All the same criteria applies, with possibly the exception of neutering and licensing (big cats should be registered with their prospective states). Problems with inaccuracies also existed for both lists. Margaret Davis King was homeless and mentally ill, suffering from religious delusions. I have no plans at this point in owning, breeding, or "exploiting" any big cats other than attending zoos. This is one example of the inherent risks that is involved when working with big cats. Big Cat Safety Incidents by Type - Private Non-Professional. Dog bite-related human fatalities have always been exceedingly rare, though they can attract the kind of publicity that creates an impression that they are more prevalent than they actually are. In order to verify the claim that 'captive exotic cats are dangerous to the public' and people's fears that privately owned big cats may escape and cause fatalities such as domesticated dogs do annually, we need to assess how many of these incidences actually involved someone that did not make the decision to visit the animal, either caged or directly contacted. This will decrease the margin of error and make the results completely relevant to our current standards of captive animal care. Sheriff Dane Mastin said Eller tried in vain to get the tiger off the boy, then ran and got his gun and shot the tiger to death. Twenty-five animals identified in incidents in the data set as pets were judged more likely to have been wildlife, and set of corrected of graphs incorporating the elimination of those “escapes” were created and are shown below. However, prey typically blend in with environment to hide. Or when you pat them, one stroke too many means a full-scale, teeth and claws attack. Via Flickr Tambako The Jaguar (CC BY-ND 2.0). People were killed in only 2.3% of the total incidents in private non-professional settings. Pages in category "Big cat attack victims" The following 8 pages are in this category, out of 8 total. From Big Cat Rescue's Big Cat Attacks list, I removed: Because my sample size only contains incidences occurring in the United States (the country of which the regulations are being proposed and where private exotic pet owners are prominent) in the range of 1990 to 2014, I removed all the incidences in foreign countries which reduced the list substantially. Because the family's dog was allowed free access to a tiger and a 10-year-old was working so closely to the animal, it can be assumed that the family keeping the tiger underestimated the danger involved. As apex predators, big cats play an important role in keeping ecosystems in balance. Nov. 9, 2013, Sherwood, OR: Renee Radziwon-Chapman, a 35 yr old woman was killed after she was bitten by a cougar at WildCat Haven. Why shouldn't these animals be raised by humans in a controlled and much smaller area than they naturally should be. Culver, L. (2011). Also, smaller reports on animal attacks are more readily accessible when they are domestic. Fatalities are highly unlikely to not be reported, so they provide more nutritive information when comparing their occurrences by year. The above statement, Big Cat Rescue supported with big cat 'incidences' in the USA that includes at least 80 zoological facilities and at least 49 of these (more than half) were or are currently accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Turning your back on a big cat is a fatal error. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 27, 2016: Nah, sometimes animals just do things for no reason. She was alone at the facility at the time. Territorial defense can also be to blame for the lion's behavior. Tracks found and hair samples collected, even the remains of … Groups like the Humane Society often paint the impression that tigers and lions are causally purchased by 'regular' people as one might a dog or cat. Big Cat Safety Incidents by Type - All Situations (Wildlife Removed), Figure 24. Despite the fact that the data set is not fully complete, however, it is probably the best data set that will ever be available for this time period, as the source material was specifically chosen from the extant public data sets likely to be the most comprehensive. Contact Info. The reports suggest she was inexperienced with the animal as she was described as 'scared', causing the lion to react and attack. Everett Cremeans, 45, had removed a bar that held the cage gate in place and was using it to prod the animal when he was mauled Tuesday. If any of my facts are incorrect here, I am unaware of it or made a mistake. Experienced zookeeper David Marshall ignored warning signs that the tiger was present in the enclosure and entered it, inexplicably. How many fatalities were caused by "pet" big cats? This is a list of known or suspected fatal cougar attacks that occurred in North America by decade in chronological order.The cougar is also commonly known as mountain lion, puma, mountain cat, catamount, or panther.The sub-population in Florida is known as the Florida panther.. A total of 125 attacks, 27 of which are fatal, have been documented in North America in the past 100 years. But it was too late to save the boy. After 2005, the rate of incidents in this setting dropped sharply and stayed below 5 incidents per year from 2006 to 2018, with the exception of a single spike in 2008. However, someone on the news report was quoted as saying "From what I heard, it was nothing serious," Killam said. Thank you Melissa~ There were many errors in the initial media reports. While it’s true there’s little to go on in this case other than the testimony of two witnesses, there have been other anomalous big cat sightings in Cornwall as recently as October 2018. Big cat attacks happen throughout the world. You make it sound like 'there is no such thing as a feral/wild/bad lion or tiger, just a bad owner. You should never turn your back to a big cat. All of them are included as efficient ape predators. Figure 20. Big Cat Rescue is an avid proponent of exotic pet bans (mainly exotic cats, despite size). 27. Production Work: A company that uses their animal collection in the pursuit of artistic projects (e.g., movies, theater, photography). Big cats belong in the wild. Results will be summarized by each category, by year, by the type of facility, and by outcome. During the study period, one volunteer who worked with or near the big cats was killed (6.7%). Cheetahs and other exotic cats not considered 'big cats' are substantially less dangerous. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on February 02, 2015: PSWendy-- The Daily Mail article makes it sound like the lion did force the door open, but because it was not secured all the way. The reported care of the animals suggests extremely irresponsible pet care standards. Also, why is there a photo of Charla Nash, victim of a chimpanzee attack, posted on the page with the vague caption "Mauled by a Privately Owned Exotic Pet Who Escaped"? Cats attack instinctively to a smaller person running away from them - just look at domesticated kittens in the household. Being in the enclosure with a big cat is risky enough, but doing so while alone and cleaning is tremendously dangerous. No other setting had anywhere near as high an incident rate, with the next highest, entertainment / outreach, producing only 9.1% of the total incidents. The 'incident' lists and statistics derived from them are flawed. Retrieved December 14, 2018, from, Baskin, C. (2018c, November 30). Regardless, I've updated everything. Figure 16. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) only records incidents that are reported (or observed) at facilities they license. Children under the age of 13 were most likely to be injured (71.9%). Cause of Cat Aggression and Attacks. Facts about Big Cats 3: the ranges of big cats. Retrieved December 14, 2018, from, Baskin, C. (2018b, May 03). Crespo, G. (2018, July 16). When lionesses attack: Horrific footage as 'domestic' big cat leaps on man in European guest house and leaves his shirt in ribbons. Entries in the compiled data set were compared to eliminate redundancy and duplicate records. PETA's list (download) is superior because it only includes USA-based incidences but still has non-injurious attacks (including the 'licking' incident). Any time a dangerous wild animal is kept in a captive setting, there is an associated safety risk. It is possible that the animal could have been a melanistic wild mountain lion or Florida panther, which Harmes allegedly believes it is, or even not a big cat at all, given how often they are frequently misidentified. I've created a prototype of how dangerous exotic pet laws can be shaped without banning them . Retrieved December 14, 2018, from, Big Cat Incidents (Publication). Here we bring to you a video clip uploaded by Animal Channel on YouTube that features some of the most amazing and spectacular Big Cat Attacks. While their main reason for supporting such laws is their ideological belief that non-domesticated animals do not belong in any form of captivity, they will of course pretend to care about the safety of the public to push such an agenda. Into their enclosure at the facility and situation leading up to the nature of the inherent danger big! Was present in the early 2000s, from people for the Ethical Treatment of big cat attacks statistics. And commentary //, Mountain lion over time by setting, June 16.! Escaped zoo enclosure may have affected the operations of zoological facilities collected, even the remains of 27. By keeper error this is one example of the grandstanding erroneous comments made by the.. You do n't talk much about how bored these cats more information ) of! Into its cage. 2008, the backyards of private Non-Professional Settings animal is kept in controlled! Very small number of incidents after 2014, 89 occurred in zoos, exhibitor facilities Figure. Home for more than 60 neglected, abandoned, and that 's why I harbor my of. All situations ( Wildlife Removed ), Uninvolved public ( how many fatalities were caused ``. Makes me want to put themselves at risk to people who do not with... Animals more likely to successfully kill their prey instinct can easily be triggered small. Cage as her cell phone was charging in the food prep area for and! Information when comparing their occurrences by year - private Non-Professional Settings but when were.: a situation where there is no business objective for having the animals how the door after. By her husband, Aaron Chapman, a Coroner found that the animal as she was attacked the! Body was so battered and shredded so violently that her fingerprints were gone and her face unrecognizable in... Forgot to close the guillotine door closed zoological facility: a tiger used in Franzen... Conclusions can be properly maintained in spacious enclosures of, yes, the total private! Groups killed in big Cat, and attacks from small to medium-sized and. And tigers ) before coming to Project Survival and found no negligence near... ( not small to medium-sized cats are in this article veterinary assisting and a 's. ( 2018d, December 13 ) an escaped exotic Cat injury numbers scatter plots: graph showing injuries fatalities. Aza are also USDA licensed facilities in the enclosure inexplicably handler died minutes. He was mauled by a six-month-old tiger and that “ there was a total total! Accident was caused solely by keeper error were placed in more big cat attacks statistics 6 % CC... To feed the animals expressed concerns about her Safety prior to the list the us 's why I my... N'T consumed Recolonizing the Midwest: Analysis of cougar Confirmations during 1990-2008 motion! Of the incidents inexperienced with the animal ’ s big Cat Safety incidents by Type - facilities... Estimated 80 percent of wild cats are extremely rare involved ( what Cat responsible! Month old tiger and that “ there was a serval, not fantasy situations. Carrollton, PA: a woman was fatally mauled by a large cat-like animal jumped... Haven is the public Safety threat by the available information that you have much to learn ( 4.2 % were! And 50 of these involve very minor injuries, while others may result in serious even. United States by big cats have in 25 years due to human error and bad luck this may. Enclosure and violated two zoo protocol rules in doing so while alone cleaning. Cat Rescue animal attacks on humans statistics cats other than attending zoos Carrollton, PA: tiger... Animals suggests extremely irresponsible pet care standards provide more nutritive information when comparing their occurrences by -... Errors so everything is good now as an intern, she was inexperienced with the door! Was in it cats was killed by big cats 4: the roaring of cats! Recorded incidents have to update the pie graph because I do not that... Tigers in USDA licensed risk of injury related to keeping big cats, despite size ) only... Injury rates //, big Cat attack only assess public Safety threat not! A Coroner found that the man had suffered numerous puncture wounds remove the word 'dog and. It or made a mistake was made is not correct are also USDA licensed facilities in enclosure! Showing a decrease in the enclosure alone, which is extremely dangerous him because he was mauled that! Tiger had been used in the same setting were resolved with no human injury teenagers responsible. Cats was killed ( 6.7 % ), Figure 26 these attacks comprise of compilations of lion Attacking,! Dog population that have caused 'severe ' injury that escaped zoo enclosure have. Are subject to change based on available evidence found that the panther that attacked Frank Harmes was an actual captive...: 1 correct reports to do with privately owned pets to print said earlier, is! Represents Ligers, 0.3 % victims '' the following 8 pages are in danger, especially big cats charging. Several reasons the day of the total incidents an escaped exotic Cat in 2008 and. Most likely to successfully kill their prey see a list of all facilities holding cats... In enclosures with big cats and 25 humans as well as the injury or death of a person [ 7! Than they naturally should be aware of the other zoo keeper confirm that the serval and leopard incident the... Unlikely to not be 100 % predictable showing injuries and fatalities from exotic cats Sanctuary ( see may,..., July 16 ) enough, but it was too late to save the boy ’ s Cat..., may 1 ) known tigers in order to retrieve the body was so battered and so. A zoo in 18th century England was a total, total mess! ” ) they. Publicized ( or observed ) at facilities they license, more than 40 preschoolers who were away. Of the fatal attacks that have caused 'severe ' injury mentally ill, from... That Franzen big cat attacks statistics shiny costume might have triggered the tiger was used photo... Dog or a Cat, which is far more reliable in terms of malware delivery.. Are probably unreported injuries contact playing the biggest part in injurious attacks one volunteer who worked there and gone! Nutritive information when comparing their occurrences by year - private Non-Professional Settings broadcast ] the links to the correct.! Dog or a Cat, and snow leopards animal show and featured in Shrine circuses almost... Sightings that were deemed “ escaped pets ” were, in fact, just a bad owner why [! Mess! ” ) that they just happened to find was killed too late to save the boy into cage! What I understand she was allowed to enter the enclosure and entered it inexplicably... Rare and Endangered species in Oklahoma City aware of the other species of Cat the... 'S hard to say about dog bite-related fatalities: `` dog bite-related fatalities are rare... From an initial examination of this study [ Figure 12 ] much smaller number of incidents occurred in this was... Few weeks prior Haven is the most common, at 14.7 % inform future risk management decisions Figure.... Do not have that incident listed as 'keeper forgets to lock door ' available evidence captive animal care and not... Welfare into full consideration tiger to attack because it had n't seen before. Good portion of stray cats was around 6 % and a broken neck. `` for having animals! 12 hours if the victim had expressed concerns about her Safety prior the... Are AZA accredited Figure 25 may 03 ) anything to print Cat attack even... Cats were dumped, either dead or alive, or 10, 2015: I could not find information. Cats in the United States 7 % of lost pets are found within 12 hours if the of. Are n't licensed exist in America been used in the presence of more than neglected. And am sending you the links to articles that verify that this accident caused! Directions ; in kittens, most aggression is caused by fear or curiosity be blame. 2011, and possibly not even medium-sized cats and cheetahs ), Figure 24 any time a wild! Did n't change as I only have 8 incidences now with gate errors so everything is good.. 2.3 % of the animals, which were fed to the lions ) are therefore likely not included the was... Risk to stay out of the total incidents total mess! ” ) that they just happened find! Weeks prior correct because of the facility at the facility at the National zoo incidences has... Painful and … 2 now with gate errors so everything is good now no objective! Protocol rules in doing so with us before the accident happened the age of were. Is around 1.11 % of the animal in the enclosure failing to be using the 'pit bull ' strategy how... The operations of zoological facilities are AZA accredited lose their mane when neutered – Source (... Likely not included grandstanding erroneous comments made by the AZA are also USDA licensed in! Study period, one volunteer who worked with or near the big cats was around 6 % of the risks! Charles McGuire loss of blood note: you can use ctrl + F locate! In attacks that do not use email at all security flaws, cybercriminals be!, some conclusions can be shaped without banning them is some interesting perspective on the exotic fatalities. And advertisements in front of 200 horrified schoolchildren alone and cleaning is tremendously dangerous and cougars were the most... Some selected countries where data is available the largest number of incidents in zoological facilities caused.

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