ac not blowing cold air reset

Your AC’s capacitor is a device that looks like a small silver can and is located on the … We’re here to help. Step 1: Turn off your AC at the thermostat. Air travels through a series of air ducts before reaching the rooms in your home. Just give us a call and we’ll help you troubleshoot this problem immediately. individual circuit on the circuit breaker, Just contact a professional to find and fix the problem, Is Your AC Leaking Water Inside? We’ll help you troubleshoot this common weather-related problem. So no compressor = no refrigerant. Your air conditioning connects to two circuit breakers; one for the outside unit and another for the inside. Orlando: (407) 886-3729 | Tampa: (813) 922-3375. Excess debris can impede airflow, which can make your home feel warmer. This can ultimately lead to the air conditioner overheating and shutting off. If the compressor circuit is tripped (flipped to the OFF position), reset it and see if your AC starts to cool your home after 1 hour. Setting your fan to “AUTO” will not only save you money, but it will also ensure that your fan is only running when your air conditioner is cooling the air. Created by Rocket Media. So you’ll quickly feel warm air instead of cold air at your vents. When the problem is too big for you to solve alone, contact Energy Air or schedule service online today. If the air ducts in your home are older, schedule an inspection with your local HVAC technician. If you end up needing a new capacitor, they’re usually around $90–$400+. Go to your thermostat and set it to “off.” This will stop your thermostat from calling your AC for cooling so you can reset the circuit breaker. And, just like we explained earlier, this means the indoor air handler will continue to function, but the heat won’t escape outside (because the outdoor unit isn’t working). When cool air escapes, it’s difficult for your home to reach the temperature you want. Its main job is to pump refrigerant (a heat transfer substance) around the AC system. Replace a dirty filter. It might sound basic but if your AC is not blowing air, check to ensure that it’s plugged into the outlet... Thermostat issues. A dirty air filter prevents air from flowing back into the air conditioner which inhibits the AC from cooling correctly. If the circuit breaker senses dangerous current levels, like the ones produced by a power outage, it will “trip” and shut off electricity to the unit it protects. Privacy Policy. When your fan is set to “ON,” your air conditioner is running 24/7, regardless of whether it’s cooling the air or not. Schedule Service Online While many people like to change their AC filters once a month, there are those who wait for their air filter to look the same as their lint trap after a few weeks. In the worst case scenario, the surge of electricity that typically accompanies a power surge may have damaged your compressor. Need to Schedule an AC Repair or Service Appointment? Because capacitors are electrical components, we recommend having a trained technician handle a capacitor replacement to avoid any electrical danger. What’s worse than an air conditioner that doesn’t work at all? Over time, air ducts can become poorly sealed, lose insulation, and cause air to leak. But if its circuit breaker trips, all of that heat is sent right back indoors, which is why you’ll feel warm air at the AC vents. Its purpose is to help your AC’s compressor start up. All rights reserved. That’s why we’re here. If it immediately trips back to the OFF position, do not attempt to flip it again. Reset the breaker, but if it happens again don’t be too fast to reset it as it could cause damage to your AC. (813) 963-3056Driving Directions, Mon – Sat: 9am – 7pm Sun: Emergency service only *Additional fees apply for after hours services. Plus, you run the risk of voiding any warranties if you don’t have a professional do the job. A trustworthy technician will show you exactly what’s wrong with the compressor so you know you aren’t getting scammed. We’ll send one of our technicians over ASAP to get your AC blowing cold air again. Over time, the evaporator coils get dirty, which can affect the overall performance of your air conditioning system and make it harder to remove warm air. Contact Red Cap Air. Here’s Why, Indoor air handler (where the fan and evaporator coil are located), Go to your circuit breaker and check the circuit that controls your AC (you should see one circuit marked “Air handler” or “Indoor AC,” and another labeled “Condenser” or “Outdoor AC unit.” See this image of a labeled circuit breaker.). So how does a bum capacitor cause warm air at your AC vents? An air conditioner that isn’t blowing cold air…in Florida. Schedule Service Online Evaporator coils should be cleaned by an experienced technician, so we recommend scheduling an appointment. The defrost button has three lines going through it, while the recirculated air button has a picture of a car with a curved line through it. Refrigerant is dangerous to handle so schedule an inspection with your local HVAC technician. Maybe it is still in “Auto” mode, or maybe you set the temperature too high. If the outside breaker trips and the inside breaker is still functioning, the air can’t be cooled. Unfortunately, the cost to replace a compressor ranges from $1,350–$1,800 depending on the size and type of unit you need (you’ll need to match it to your indoor unit). A longer lasting filter is another one of the pros of keeping your fan setting on auto. If the air filter is dirty, swap it for a fresh one and get in the habit of changing it each month. Well, if the capacitor goes bad, your outdoor unit can’t start. If this is the problem, you simply need to reset it to the right level and turn it on. Don’t see a tripped circuit breaker and still not getting cold air? You can usually tell by looking at a capacitor if it’s bad because you’ll see a bulging top or an oily substance leaking from it. But the root cause might be more complicated — such as the condenser coils, refrigerants, compressors, or wiring. Schedule your next appointment with one of our trained technicians today. And when there’s no refrigerant to soak up the heat from the air inside your home, you’ll quickly feel warm air coming from your AC vents. This can cause excess cool air to escape instead of going into the rooms of your home like you want it to. Your AC’s capacitor is a device that looks like a small silver can and is located on the compressor (the outdoor unit). Before you do anything else, check the air filter first. Hold these buttons down for about five to 10 seconds, or until the LED lights on both buttons start flashing… © 2020 Red Cap Plumbing & Air. If it’s been more than a couple of months since you’ve replaced the return-air … Since it’s such a major repair, you may want to get a second opinion before you decide to replace it. If that happens, it means your indoor unit (fan and evaporator coil) will continue to work, but without help from the outdoor unit, your AC system eventually loses its ability to produce cool air. Usually it can be a broken capacitor that stops your AC unit from blowing cold air and lets it blow warm air instead. Your home’s air conditioning system has 2 units: Now, both units are connected to their own individual circuit on the circuit breaker. Unfortunately, this is a problem that plagues homeowners at the most inconvenient times. You see, your outdoor unit’s job is to transfer heat from inside your home to the outdoor air. Refrigerant is necessary to cool your home, but if there isn’t enough refrigerant in … Fill out your email below to get exclusive deals only available to our email buddies. Press and hold the defrost and recirculated air buttons simultaneously. If your AC is well-maintained, yet it’s not blowing cold air, then maybe your thermostat is on the wrong setting. Read on to learn six commons reasons your air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air and how to troubleshoot them. Don’t worry—we’ll explain each of these problems and how to solve them. Refrigerant Leak. 6605 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33604 Orlando: (407) 886-3729 | Tampa: (813) 922-3375. We work for YOU on Saturdays for NO EXTRA FEES! Bad capacitor. Your fan setting, filter, and your breaker are common reasons why your AC isn’t blowing cold air. Refrigerant is necessary to cool your home, but if there isn’t enough refrigerant in your air conditioning system due to a refrigerant leak, your home is going to feel warmer than usual. Sometimes, though, these capacitors fail after a power outage because they receive a surge of electricity when the power comes back on. Breakers trip all the time but when your AC isn’t blowing cold air, your mind probably presumes the worst.

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