authentic mexican salsa roja recipe

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. For starters, it is incredibly versatile, as it can be served alongside grilled meats, fried fish, tacos, crispy taquitos, and many other Mexican dishes. Salsa Roja, “red sauce”, has a very deep, browny red colour and a slightly smoky aroma and flavour. Filed Under: Salsa, Seasonal Summer Tagged With: Mexican, Salsa, Sauces, Tomatoes. This is the kind of sauce you use as an ingredient in a dish, such as baked enchiladas, etc. This creates an intensely flavorful, relatively runny salsa perfect for slathering on tacos or using as a dip, but also suitable for many other uses. This Fresh Salsa Roja (Salsa Fresca) is a must-try recipe for a variety of reasons. On top of that, it can be made in a matter of minutes, and you don’t even have to cook anything! Salsa Roja, as stated above is a red salsa in which the ingredients tomatoes, hot peppers, white onions and all have been cooked and blended as part of the preparation. Ancho chiles are blended with tomatoes, onion, and garlic in this easy Is there an authentic Salsa Roja recipe? It’s not a dipping salsa.

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