ch3cooh + naoh + cao

This means that we will split them apart in the net ionic equation. CH3COOH + NAOH (CAO) 1 See answer asiskaurasis8526 is waiting for your help. CaO. Rate! COOH The reaction of Sodium hydroxide and Acetic acid (also called Ethanoic acid) represents a net ionic equation involving a strong base and a weak acid. A. Luyện bài tập; Ôn lý thuyết; Đề thi; Thi Đấu; Giới thiệu; Học phí; Mã kích hoạt; … Add your answer and earn points. Trộn 100ml dung dịch CH3COOH 1M với 100ml NaOH 0,6M thu được dung dịch X. Biết ở nhiệt độ xác định KbCH3COO-=5,5.10-10. CH3COOH + NaOH -----> CH3 + Na2CO3. CH 3 COONa + NaOH + 8.8817841970013E-16 CaO = Na 2 CO 3 + 3.3306690738755E-16 Ca(OH) 2 + CH 4 Warning: some compounds do not play role in the reaction and have 0 coeficients Instructions and examples below may help to solve this problem You can always ask for help in the forum Instructions on balancing chemical equations: Enter an equation of a chemical reaction and click 'Balance'. Learn more with Brainly! CH3COOH + NaOH ---> CH3COONa +H2O . only in presence of calcium oxide though Calcium carbonate react with acetic acid to produce calcium acetate, water and carbon dioxide. Not sure about the answer? Having … Học hiệu quả cao bằng cách đăng ký Thành viên VIP - Đăng kí VIP. Chemical reaction. CH3COOH + CaO --> Ca(CH3COO)2 + H2O CH3COOH + NaOH --> CH3COONa + H2O CH3COOH + Na2CO3 --> CH3COONa + H2O + CO2 CH3COOH + C2H5OH--> CH3COOC2H5 + H20 5.0 6 votes 6 votes Rate! The … Strong bases are considered strong electrolytes and will dissociate completely. Balancing chemical equations. Cho các chất CH3COOH, HCOOCH3 lần lượt tác dụng với: dung dịch NaOH, Na, dung dịch NaHCO3, dung dịch AgNO3/NH3 đun nóng. 4 C. 3 D. 6 Cho các dung dịch HNO3, CH3COOH, NaCl, NaOH có cùng nồng độ mol, dung dịch có pH nhỏ nhất là . Số trường hợp xảy ra phản ứng hóa học là. Thanks 2. See next answers. How to Balance the Net Ionic Equation for NaOH + CH 3. 5 B. Learn more with Brainly! Đăng ký Đăng nhập. Hãy tính pH của dung dịch X … if you react CH3COOH and NaOH in the presence of calcium oxide it will make methane and sodium carbonate. Comments; Report Log in to add a comment The Brain; Helper; Not sure about the answer?

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