how to fill cupcake liners without making a mess

Most of my cookie recipes call for a heaping tablespoon of dough per cookie. I remembered I had several of these squeeze bottles sitting around that I bought at Walmart for less than $1 each in the kitchenware section or you can get similar bottles here. I need these scoops in my life! Baking cupcakes can sometimes be frustrating because when you pull them out, they are lopsided and don’t look like your favorite baker’s do. Learn how to bake cupcakes that look just like your local bakery but for a portion of the price! I use a Pampered Chef Large Scoop which holds the perfect amount for a standard muffin cup. Just my 30 cents. What tricks do you have for baking perfect cupcakes? I NEED a scoop! Scoop up the batter, squeeze and release into the muffin tin. Once the cookie scoop is full of batter, you will want to take a rubber spatula and get all the excess better off. LOVE my scoops and use them all the time :). Most pans have 12 slots for cupcakes. Happy scooping! This ensures consistent results every time. Required fields are marked *. And wow great prices and some of the coolest things we find there….. I love my Pampered Chef scoops, too and use the medium size for cookies. Once the cookie scoop is full of batter, you will want to take a rubber spatula and get all the excess better off using the flat side. Place in your cup cake or muffin tin. Haha, I need to get with the times!! The baking sheets! Plus, they also included all sorts of other great PC goodies that I have had fun cooking and baking with over the past two months. Get the perfect amount of batter every time without the mess! Some simple tips for filling cupcake papers will make the process smooth. I believe this to be equivalent to a size 16 scoop or 2 oz. Cookie scoops are some of my secret weapons in the kitchen. Now, lets fill those cupcake liners without making a mess. Melt chocolate the right way. Fill a gallon-size ziploc with the cake batter. Thought I would pop in a quick baking tip to go with the Lemon Blueberry Muffins recipe I shared today!. Here are the best double boilers for the job. Now that you know how to fill baking cups, you may be wondering the most basic way of cooking the finished product. I use one for sweets (cupcakes, muffins, etc…) and the other for savory (mostly just meatballs) – they work great! I’m glad to find out I wasn’t being kooky. Fill the cupcake liners up just right, so that you are not dealing with lopsided or wobbly cupcakes. It also means that you can ice those cupcakes without having really large cupcakes and really small cupcakes that look inconsistent when grouped together. When cupcake liners are filled consistently, you actually get a cupcake that is baked evenly and perfectly domed, ready for decorating. How to Fill Cupcake Liners with Batter Using a decorating bag gives you better control of the amount of batter going into a cupcake liner and is especially... A standard ice cream scoop in a half-circle shape with a lever handle makes measuring batter a cinch and better yet, the... A … But now that I do, I use it every single time I make muffins and cupcakes. Their products never fail to amaze me! Then I fill a “heaping” (slightly rounded) scoop with batter. I would so appreciate this – I would totally buy the Pampered Chef one if I could. If you prefer a flatter top, follow the recipe according to the original instructions. This post may contain affiliate links. I use my scoopers for SO many things in the kitchen. Learn about our BakeBright greaseproof cupcake liners and why they are the best! Now that you know how to fill cupcake liners, hopefully, these tips will work great and help you bake perfect cupcakes. Zip the bag closed and snip a very small hole off one bottom corner. Some people have said that they use a larger cookie scoop, but I find that it just works better with two scoops of the medium. Not only are their products 3x as expensive that competitive brands, the whole business model makes me sick. Assuming that you have the baking pan already lined with cupcake liners, you are ready for this next part of how to fill cupcake liners. (Or if you decide to be crazy like I was a few years ago and make 624 cupcakes for a party, these scoops will literally save your life!). We prefer cookie scoops because they have the scraper inside to maximize batter release. I can tell you that the large scoop from Pampered Chef holds approximately 1/4 cup of cookie dough. This post may contain affiliate links. trick for how to fill cupcake liners. (I’ve included a few of my favs below, including the measuring spoons my mom and I used to use all of the time when I was a kid and my favorite baking sheet.) I have two of the large scoops and love them. They have proven to be the sturdiest in my kitchen, and I love the sleek and clean look. Then, bake an additional 2-3 minutes. I love your site and recipes, but please Please please don’t recommend people buying from a pyramid scheme.. or “multi level marketing” scheme. I would be TOTALLY lost without my cookie and muffin scoops! Well, then again, maybe we’re both being kooky…but we’re in good company! Add your filling in on top, then fill the rest of the batter in over the filling. Having evenly baked cupcakes means that you can have a consistent look and don’t have to compensate by covering with extra icing. The amount you can fill depends on the brand of cupcake papers and baking pan you use. Use the flat side that is longer than the diameter of the scoop. Push each liner down gently so it sits snuggly in the pan. Can’t imagine making 600+ cupcakes! I love my Pampered Chef products also. I still use a measuring cup. Thing is, we can’t get the Pampered Chef brand here in Australia. We also use the black for a smaller amount (1oz of batter) for a lower dome cupcake. We recommend filling our baking cups 2/3 full to allow room for your cupcakes to rise. Are you trying so hard to make sure your cupcakes come out awesome? I was gushing talking with Pampered Chef a few months ago about how much I adore their scoops. I’m totally embarrassed to admit that I’ve never thought of using a scoop. Cupcake recipes are not all created equal. How to Fill Cupcake Liners Evenly For Perfect Cupcakes, How To Make Square Cupcakes With Round Cupcake Liners, Easy Strawberry Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe + Strawberry Frosting, Easy Strawberry Banana Cupcakes Recipe + Swirl Frosting, Coconut Marshmallow Cupcakes Recipe – Copycat Snoballs, Simple Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes Recipe + Frosting, Peppermint Chocolate Frosting Recipe + Chocolate Cupcakes, Chocolate Pine Cone Cupcakes Tutorial & Tips, Christmas Ornament Cupcakes Tutorial & Ideas, Melting Snowman Cupcakes Tutorial & Ideas. I have to make 50 cupcakes on Tuesday for a party on Thursday, I’m getting me an ice cream scoop! There are lots of products on the market that are for doing this very thing, but you probably already have everything you need at home already!

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