huawei p30 lite battery review

It's fine for the basics, but you'll be glad Huawei kept the headphone jack when you still swear by wired headphones. But Huawei does need to sort this going forwards. It is similar, but has a plastic rear and costs significantly less. Huawei P30 Lite is also known as Huawei P30Lite, Huawei MAR-LX1M, Huawei … Who doesn’t like a headphone jack? The Kirin 710 has a quad-core Mali-G51. Above it sits a 13-megapixel ultra-wide and a basic 2-megapixel depth sensor. It will set you back £329 (AED 1,099, roughly $300, AU$415). Here he test and reviews some of newest mobile, audio and camera d…. In-display digit scanning isn't going to fly at this price, but the alternative is well-placed on the back of the phone and (whisper it) even quicker than the more expensive P30. Using the included charger the phone’s battery … Image quality for games, films and apps doesn’t suffer much as a result either. That's especially true of games. There are positives to being a cheaper phone in 2019 too. Huawei’s reasoning is obvious. Brightness is the one aspect that still seems a step down, having used the P30 Pro for several weeks beforehand. Huawei was one of the original masters of affordable metal and glass phones. Anything with Lite in the name can't be all that great, can it? Scene recognition also tweaks your shots depending on what you point the camera at. A much lower price makes the P30 Lite a more accessible phone than the brilliant P30 Pro I used just before this review. The side buttons are plastic (or at least plastic-coated) rather than metal, there’s a tiny sliver of plastic between the front glass and aluminium, and there’s no official water resistance. However, this is still a great camera, particularly for the price. Just take your average whiz-bang flagship phone, shrink a few specs and give the design team the day off - the result costs half the price, looks just like the full-fat version, and your mates won't be able to tell the difference. Still, we can’t complain too much about a phone that looks this expensive, but is actually not that expensive at all. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. Good job there's a temperature colour wheel that lets you customise things to your personal preference. The P30 Lite has a bright enough backlight to make high-contrast content look clear when outdoors on a sunny day, but this is not an ultra-bright screen. Don’t worry about the Huawei P30 Lite’s uncompetitive GPU. That said, in my experience it beats the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S10 we get in the UK. There’s virtually no meaningful additional detail captured at 48MP here, compared to standard 12-megapixel resolution. Firstly, I bring back the app drawer. And if you use the 60fps mode (rather than 30) you lose all-important image stabilisation. Recently, Huawei launches new flagships, which has the worlds best camera on any smartphones, the Huawei P30 Pro, along with P30 and P30 Lite. Until you start shooting photos in dark conditions, there are few signs this is a “Lite” phone. This is not as punchy as the Adreno 615 or 616 used by some rivals. The Snapdragon’s cores are newer, but the sheer number of them lets the Huawei P30 Lite slightly outperform the rival Google Pixel 3a Lite in the CPU-heavy Geekbench 4 benchmark. Unless you're happy to crush candies or clash clans, you're going to see a bit of slowdown and stutter. Colour is flatter than the Pixel 3a XL, but noise handling is great and so are detail levels. Its back is curved glass. If you're using an ad-blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals. This is a mid-ranger, so you don't get goodies like wireless charging, but at least the USB-C charging port is keeping up with the times. The Huawei P30 Lite’s battery doesn’t get close to matching the stamina of the Huawei P30 Pro, which can last two full days if you go easy on it. You do still get a three-camera setup, though, and on paper they all sound pretty useful. So far the P30 Lite has largely walked the walk, but it's still a budget phone underneath, with a Kirin 710 CPU and 4GB of RAM providing the kind of oomph you’d expect given the price. Almost every Huawei’s products are available in Nepal. Today, I got the Huawei P30 Lite with us. Out of the box, colours are a little too warm. The secondary ultrawide sensor drops down to 8MP, while the 2MP depth sensor is really only there for faking bokeh blur a little better than with software alone. But the Huawei P30 Lite is almost indistinguishable from one of its more expensive mobiles. It has a 3340mAh battery, a bit small for a phone with a 6.1-inch screen. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. Huawei also makes the P30 lite in black, if the bright gradient seems a step too far. The tech may not be class-leading in every respect but this is one of the most expensive looking phones you can get at the price. Funnily enough, Google tweaked its own vanilla settings menu recently, adding more prominent icons. And a real GPU-melter like Ark: Survival Evolved demands significantly cut-down graphics to run well. Most apps feel snappy enough, and compared to other cut-price rivals, the P30 Lite largely keeps up the pace. There might be a teensy speaker grille above the teardrop camera notch, but it's purely for voice calls - the P30 Lite is a mono music maker. Once again, the design is the most impressive element. There are four Cortex-A73 cores and your Cortex-A53s. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. The Kirin 710 chip is newer and more efficient, which eventually turned out for the better for the P30 Lite and it posted much better battery scores than the P20 Lite. This one is very quick. Both P30 and P30 Lite share a gene with its big brother. Information about the battery capacity and battery life of the Huawei P30 Lite. It now looks more like Huawei’s. It’s no battery warrior. Images are detailed, colours are accurate without being boosted to cartoonish levels, and although HDR is still buried away in a menu rather than automatic, it's largely effective at balancing exposure. You still have to crank things up to see clearly outdoors, but only the brightest of sunny skies will be a struggle. That's like buying Sainsburys Basics instead of Taste the Difference. The Huawei P30 Lite offers high-end design at a sensible price, Andrew Williams is a technology writer, who has contributed to Stuff, WIRED, TechRadar, T3, Wareable and, of course, Trusted Reviews. It plays PUBG at “High” settings, for example. Pay for that top-end phone and you get sharper images, and an actual reason to shoot at full resolution at times. Its teardrop notch only bites a small chunk out of the screen. It has a 24-megapixel sensor and can render a lot of fine facial detail even in dim indoors light. This is how to make the P30 Lite seem a true part of the P30 family. Its obvious rival is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, which has six cores rather than eight. As the display pushes into each corner, it looks more advanced than some flagship phones of just a year or two ago. Real enthusiasts will find a few holes when they look deeper. Several millimetres shorter and narrower, it fits in hands and pockets that bit more easily. 3D titles like Fortnite or PUBG Mobile are going to need lower detail settings, or else frame rates are going to tumble.

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