lyme disease treatment

Untreated, Lyme disease … The most common tick-borne illness in these regions, Lyme disease … Lyme disease is caused by four main species of bacteria.Borrelia Burgdorferi and Borrelia Mayonii cause Lyme disease in the United States, while Borrelia Afzelii and Borrelia Garinii are the leading causes in Europe and Asia. Individuals with neurologic Lyme disease, cardiac Lyme disease, or Lyme arthritis that hasn’t responded well to oral antibiotic treatment will often be given intravenous ceftriaxone. After being treated for Lyme disease, a minority of patients may still report non-specific symptoms, including persistent pain, joint and muscle aches, fatigue, impaired cognitive function, or unexplained numbness. These patients often show no evidence of active infection and may be diagnosed with post-treatment Lyme disease … About Lyme Disease. See your doctor even if symptoms disappear. Ceftriaxone has excellent penetration of the blood-brain barrier and is one of the most effective drugs for Lyme disease. Visit your doctor even if signs and symptoms disappear — the absence of symptoms doesn't mean the disease is gone. Treatment for Lyme disease is more effective if begun early. Lyme disease is an acute inflammatory disease characterized by a skin rash, joint inflammation, and flu-like symptoms, caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi transmitted by the … "The goals with any treatment with Lyme disease spirochetes, whether chronic or acute, is to have a combination of herbs to be effective with the shape-shifting behavior of this microbe." 9.

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