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The opportunity was there to have the darkest skies under cooler temperatures. Learn more. I’m a do it yourselfer, so I took an extra bar and drilled a hole in it. Camera: Canon EOS XTi The extra length allowed me to push the scope further in front of the mount to counter balance the camera on the back end. With this knowldege I printed the second mask with wider distance between bars thinking this would let enough light in to be able to focus correctly. I purchased it as a grab and go or travel scope. - 40 Light Frames @ 120 s Later one neighbor came home so of course the car lights affected one sub, but they then turned on their outside lights. AstroBin is an image hosting website specifically targeted to astrophotographers: it's the first and the last place where you need to upload your astrophotography images. Location: Carrollton, VA The Short-Tube 80-A is a very compact, wide-field … Multi-coating on all air-to-glass optical surfaces of the Orion ST80 ensures maximum light transmission for sharp, accurate image fidelity. My current setups can only see parts of the Andromeda Galaxy thus the need to expand my field of view. If you expected an image, this means that the author deleted it. The following images are from fans of the AstroBackyard Facebook page. All in all, my neighbors are good people. Neither worked. Its all-metal tube features a rack-and-pinion focuser with drawtube tension adjustment and a molded-in dovetail finder scope base that accepts optional Orion finder scopes. Wide field simply means large area of the sky. I also modified a Rebel XS and removed the UV/IR Cut filter myself a few weeks ago. I could not see the lines on the star in order to focus the telescope. The ST stands for Short Tube. There are 4 types of Astrophotography: Wide Field, Solar, Planetary, and Deep Sky. You will remove your shadow-ban on this user, and their comments, messages, etc, will appear again on your content. With what I’ve learned, I expect better photos. Some take Milky Way photos to include mountains, trees or buildings. I’ve posted pictures from all except wide field on this blog. What does r/astrophotography think about the ST80 (Orion Shorttube)? They will not know that they have been shadow-banned, and the goal is that eventually they will get bored while having caused no harm, since nobody saw what they posted. Each with different spacing between bars on the mask. For more information, please check out our Twitter feed: I discovered, after getting frustrated and taking the scope apart, that there is an air gap between the 2 lenses. My hands down favorite object in the night sky is the Andromeda Galaxy. And guess what, they did! However, it does have fairly good optics and is a lot of fun for slowly scanning large areas of the sky. After cleaning the lenses, focus was easy to achieve with the original mask. AstroBin saves small pieces of text information (cookies) on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes. Hello, I recently purchased an Orion ST80 along with a Skywatcher Star Adventurer to get my feet wet. I enjoy the original photo more than the second. https://twitter.com/AstroBin_com. In fact I could not see the star at all. If this user has been harassing you, and you shadow-ban them, all their activities on your content will be invisible to everyone except themselves. It is the same optical tube as the Celestron Wide Field 80 and is also marketed by a couple other companies. The second photo was more difficult to process because of the light pollution generated by my neighbors. I am happy to report that I received a large number of submissions for this gallery. 8. In case you’re wondering, first light, simply means the first use of a telescope to take an image. It is the astronomical observation version of the ShortTube 80 achromatic refractor (the "-A" is for Astronomy). Because it’s small and great for wide field astrophotography picked up an Orion ST-80 telescope. 3 small rubber spacers existed between the two. As a beginner who has done mostly wide-field AP with my DSLR and sturdy tripod, I … - APT (Astrophotography Tool) Considering my future travel plans include trips abroad, a small scope like this is a must. Wrong! The Orion ShortTube 80-A achromatic refractor telescope is back in the Orion lineup by popular demand! AstroBin is a very small business and your support would mean a lot! I took another photo a week later with all the my neighbors lights on. Posted by 7 years ago. That was when I saw the Milky Way appear over me. Otherwise I would have to do a mosaic and I’m not skilled in this…yet. Weighing well under 3 lbs., the ShortTube 80 OTA can easily be added to virtually any astrophotography rig without exceeding your equatorial mount's payload capacity. Look back on my article about Bahtinov Masks, which details the need to be in focus when capturing photos. - 62 Dark Frames @ 120 s The Orion ST80-A compact refractor may just be the perfect telescope for family stargazing fun. Archived. Messier 31 Andromeda Galaxy Now, almost 2 years later, and armed with experience and knowledge, I’m going to give her the treatment she deserves. Sorry, but the page you are looking for is not here. Kevin Francis is a Mechanical Engineer by day, amateur Astrophotographer by night who is taking his Google Pixel smartphone camera to new limits. In case you’re wondering, first light, simply means the first use of a telescope to take an image. Galaxies, planets and star clusters will look small in the eyepiece. So much so that our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is running towards her with open arms (pun intended) and the attraction is mutual (again pun intended). This page or operation is not available at the moment, because AstroBin is in READ ONLY mode. A balanced mount is important to tracking the night sky in astrophotography. Come join the newest and most engaging and inclusive astronomy forum geared for beginners and advanced telescope users, astrophotography devotees, plus check out our "Astro" goods vendors. No the ST80 will not work the same as a camera lens !!!! Here’s the result. The Image Index is a system based on likes received on images, that incentivizes the most active and liked members of the community. Sky: Bortle Class 5Acquisition & Calibration: The specs are listed above and what makes this great is its small and compact size. I’ll ask again. So I figured, so far so good. Orion Image Gallery: Your Astrophotos. The ST stands for Short Tube. ... Orion's telescope and astrophotography accessories will enhance your telescope enjoyment without breaking the bank. I purchased it as a grab and go or travel scope. It is the astronomical observation version of the ShortTube 80 achromatic refractor (the "-A" is for Astronomy). Because it’s small and great for wide field astrophotography picked up an Orion ST-80 telescope. ShortTube 80 f/5 by Orion Some images (view more) IC 1396, Elephant Trunk Nebula, HO and SHO (11, 12, 20, 27 Sep 2017) The images on this websites are copyright of their respective owners. See below. At 3 pounds this is perfect for trips to the local park or trips abroad in a carry on or suit case. Tell me about your experience. Close. AstroBin is an image hosting platform and social network for amateur astronomers and astrophotographers. Learn more. Clear Skies! The Orion ST-80 is a typical, low cost, scope manufactured by Synta in China. Telescope & Mount: Orion ST-80 with Astroview Mount By browsing AstroBin without changing the browser settings, you grant us permission to store that information on your device.

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