replacement teak wood for boats

At the extreme I’ve seen a deck lose 1mm of thickness each year through scrubbing. Esthec, meanwhile is formed from natural components, without the harmful ingredients commonly found in PVCs. Prices start at €349 (inc. VAT) for 1m2 DIY kit (including glue and caulking) and approx €400/m2 (inc. VAT) for larger custom made panels. Completely change the interior of your boat with a stunning teak table. With a range of 15 stunning colours and three different caulking lines, boat fitters can personalise decks with more than 45 unique options to suit any style. The chemicals used in the treatment are extracted from waste products from food extraction processes and so are environmentally sound. VAT). Different products may need vastly different amounts of labour, which obviously affects cost, while detailing and edging is a major factor in the price of factory-made panels. In many parts of a yacht, teak has been replaced by mahogany and Iroko (also known as ‘African Teak’, although each wood has nothing in common) but it remains the material of choice for decking. Anyone who saw the Spirit 50CR at last year’s Southampton Boat Show can attest that a quality yacht with Lignia decks will look stunning. Ocean Cork is one of many firms to offer eco-friendly teak alternatives. Left in the raw with no varnish or paint, teak still shines. For early shipbuilders, the attraction was its strength, durability, and when building warships, its resistance to cannonballs. Gisatex offers a more economic PVC product, at €69 per square metre, but in a thinner textured, non-slip material that makes no attempt to match the grain of teak. PlasDeck is less well known in the UK but has been established for 15 years, offering a range of PVC products in 28 shades that look and feel like wood. Rupert Holmes explains what’s wrong with the marine industry’s obsession with hardwood and looks at real world teak alternatives. However, manufacturers are rising to the challenge. Another alternative to teak comes from Norway and offers a more conventional solution. Boat International Media Ltd© 2008 - 2020, Esthec, a polymer and synthetic fibre composite, is used for the decking on. The teak option reduces output by only 6-8% compared to an equivalent standard panel, while custom sizes and shapes can be created without increasing prices. If you have skilled carpenters available, MARITIME Teak Deck Panels are a cost saving alternative to a MARITIME Custom Teak Deck. The price has gone up dramatically, supply is dwindling, and…, Every sailor is familiar with the wet cough of the diesel engine, and the acrid smell of its exhaust. We have engineers who can trace, digitize & cut the part on our CNC routers to ensure an exact match. We will work with you to assure that the new table top will work for your application as we have for other satisfied customers. Teak doesn’t look good from a sustainability perspective either. Life expectancy for expanded foam materials is around five to seven years for harsh use, and longer for less-heavily used boats. Menu Info. They look great at boat shows and at chic Mediterranean quays, as well as providing excellent non-slip properties in the most demanding of conditions. Replace your existing teak trim with our no-maintenance product or add new trim to enhance the beauty of your boat. SeaDek, which is made from a closed-cell PE/EVA foam is popular throughout the racing world, from sportsboats to the America’s Cup and the Ocean Race. Hennevanger says it is not necessarily a cheaper option to teak, but thinks it should last forever. Kebony’s raw material is harvested from commercially managed forests. SeaDek’s Jason Gardner says the large range of colour, thickness, density and design options means the price range can be very wide. The company, which has been established for 10 years, sells matched repair kits for €10 and says a “very long lifespan is expected.” Light weight is a further advantage, but custom panels are not available. In any case the material is inherently resilient and is significantly better than teak at resisting wear and abrasion. Material costs are a little less than for teak, with typical savings around 5-20%. One advantage of Kebony is that it is available in thicknesses up to 5mm so it can also be used for rail and bulwark cappings and other trims where solid wood is required. Flexiteek is available in a standard 5mm thickness and 11 colours, with plank widths from 45mm-200mm to replicate everything from planking to covering boards and cappings. Custom panels cost around €250/m2 (ex. However, teak also has drawbacks. Another bonus is that damaged areas can be sanded back to reveal fresh material that looks new. Colour shades can also be matched to products of companies such as Flexiteek. The characteristics of Kebony might exceed those of teak but with yacht decks, appearance is everything. At Boat Outfitters, we can replace your worn teak with brand new exact match King Starboard parts. Home; Checkout; Log in; Register; Contact ; My Wishlist; My Basket (0) Worldwide Delivery; FAQs; Maintenance; Customer Photo's; All Table Dimensions; Environment; FAQ; Delivery & Returns; … Marcel van der Spek, co-founder of Esthec, reports that superyacht designers such as Andrew Winch, German Frers, Vripack, Guido de Groot Design, Espen Oeino, and Ashish Gupta are already using the material in their designs and he expects others to follow. Both can be purchased in sheets or produced to templates supplied by the customer, and come complete with simulated caulking seams. Robinia pseudoacacia (Black Locust) is also a hardwood - would the same concerns apply? Cork is also is a good insulator, so decks remain comfortable to walk on even in strong sun. During the ‘kebonisation’ process, timber planks are treated with chemicals for up to two days. Kebony’s polymer is bonded to wood’s cells. So the jury is out on these teak-replacement materials but with the clock ticking on the future availability and the ethical use of teak, both Esthec and Kebony look set to find a place in the superyacht sector. Marinedeck claims that its decking is popular among younger boaters. The possibilities are endless: Eyebrows; Gunwale Step Pads; Ladder Treads; Traction Strips; Toe Rails; Companionway Boards; Hatch Slides; Window Ports …and more! We’ve tried to give indicative prices for different options, but these are exceptionally difficult to pin down. “We invited all the customers who had ordered a Saffier with teak deck and gave them the choice… they instantly all went for the Esthec deck.”. however, coming from an environmental angle, the fact that it is a tropical hardwood raises questions as to the suitability of teak for use as a popular decking material. Bolidt says several of the major builders have taken samples of Esthec for evaluation.

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