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The shepherd was sitting in the field leaving the sheep grazing. However, He became successful and was wealthy like his father, with a beautiful home and a family. At ... Read more Vikram Betal | Stories of Vikram aur Betaal, “Panchatantra” or “Panchatantra Stories” are great stories with moral and learnings. As expected, everyone denied doing it. Great collection of 20+ stories for you. To amuse himself and in order to do something exciting he took a great breath and sang out, “Wolf! While dispersing, Birbal said, “By tomorrow, the robber’s stick will increase by two inches”. The merchant told Birbal that he was suspicious that the thief might be one of his servants. You stand on your hind legs, I’ll climb on your head and get out. The palaces and gold vanished and the villagers felt happy and content once again. One morning, a vendor happened to pass by her house selling firewood. Moral of the story: Devotion and dedication can overcome anything. Tell me the how much money do you want! The goat asked “Is that you Mr. Fox? People often said that Thierry Boyle was the most boring man in the world. This is the 20th short story in our Moral Stories collection. In ancient Greek, there was a king named Midas. Nikos was an ordinary man. Each story has a moral and ideal for kids. He touched an apple, and it turned into a shiny gold apple. With his big arms and bulging muscles, he picked up a 200 kg bag of rice easily in a skip of a heart beat. The boy smelt the rose and said, “It smells as good as before” Then the saint said, “Hmm! Therefore, He was very disappointed and angrily he raised his voice, threw the journal without even opening it and stormed out. But there is a problem. He then offered the jackal to live close to him and also promised to feed him whenever he caught food. Tenali Raman Stories for Kids So, Lets start with Tenali Raman’s ... Read more Tenali Raman story | Tenali Rama Stories for Kids to Laugh, Story of “Snow White” and the seven dwarfs is the popular story of a beautiful girl and 7 dwarfs. The young man left the house. This Adam and Eve’s story is also called as Garden of Eden ... Read more Adam and Eve Story for Kids- (Garden of Eden) Bible Stories for 2020, Hensel and Gretel Story in English– Great Story for “Hensel and Gretel” – Welcome kids to the section of all time popular “Stories with Moral”. The stork, feeling happy inside told them about another big pond and promised to take all of them over there. Are you an adrenaline junkie? She did not know that the jackal was the one who actually saved her master. I plead for justice!” The judge asked the vendor what is this argument all about. Moral of the story: Greed is not something that gives you happiness and content in life. Moral of the story: Greed leads to pain and suffering, forgiveness leads to a happy and content life. Now keep the rose near this sack of jaggery” The boy did so. A Coward. I will buy your firewood. Midas saw this and allowed him as believed that Satyrs bring good luck and so he let the satyr rest in his kingdom until he felt better , against the wishes of his wife and daughter. Akbar was amused and questioned him “How will the khichdi get cooked with the fire one meter away? I am the most learned woman in this entire District. These are short stories which are very popular in the world with great moral you should learn. The poor Brahmin could not argue with him and so returned disappointed and bare-handed. The poor Brahmin had no choice. Wolf! As he went around, chopping the branches of trees, trees after tree, he came upon a magical tree. But I can hold up something heavier! He was really thirsty and needed a drink of water badly. The Fox and the grapes story for kids in english and hindi.This is a short story of Fox and the Grapes on how Fox attempted to ... Read more THE FOX AND THE GRAPES STORY | English and Hindi| with Moral |2020. The evil doer often comes to harm through his own deceit. Many of them were offended and tried to defeat Ramani in the war of words, but none of them succeeded. Nessie - the Loch Ness Monster. The crow put his beak inside the pitcher but could not reach the water. Once upon a time there was a lion in a jungle. She peeped into the well and saw the fox there. Although Dionysus knew it was not a great idea, he granted Midas his wish. Later, to his immediate surprise he saw a REAL wolf prowling about his flock. One day, Dionysus and his companion – a satyr named Silenus were passed by the Midas’s rose garden. The villagers felt angry but overlooked the situation as just a prank. The woodcutter told the god the whole story. There they were, two of them, as big and as noisy as their car – and smelly and stupid as well... Have you ever done any extreme sports? He cunningly put the fruit seed into his mouth and said, “This is for settling your quarrel”. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face. When he looked inside the pitcher, there was a very little amount of water left. How could you withstand all that cold along the night and still be alive” The innocent Brahmin replied “I could see a faintly glowing light a kilometer away and I withstood with that ray of light” Akbar got angry and refused to pay the Brahmin his reward saying that he had absorbed the warmth from the faint light and withstood the cold which will be considered as cheating. You may have a better house. Two little boys were playing together. After a few days, the shepherd saw that only few sheep were left and only one sheep has turned fat. I will talk to him and make him understand things clearly”. It was a hot summer’s day. Alarmed, he leaped to his feet and sang out as loudly as he could, “Wolf! In his happiness, Midas went and hugged his daughter, and before he realized, he had already turned her into a lifeless, golden statue! The merchant went to the saint, sought his blessings and said, “My spoilt son is the only thing that worries me the most. Once upon a time, there lived a stork who used to pick fishes from the pond beside him, and eat them. The crow had nearly covered the whole village but there was no sign of water. Hansel and gretel witch hunter. Moral of the story: Where there is a will there is a way. Why? But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no wolf. Every time he was hungry, he would take a few of them to the rock and eat them. Every day, a man gift fruits to him. Haircut. An Aesop’s Fable tale. Please help me”. Midas learned his lesson and lived the rest of his life contended with what he had. After taking out the fruit seed, he gave one half-shell to one boy and the other half-shell to the other. ‘Why can’t you be more like Richard and Philip?’ I hated them. He wanted to be a... Edie and Evie are identical twins. Birbal tried explaining the king but the king was angry and stubborn hence, in no mood to listen. In return I will also help you climb out of this well”. Now if you cannot pay the price, you must give me one thousand gold coins for you have clearly failed to understand what I meant. Do you not have anyone who can pick it up and place it on my shoulders?” said Tenali with a grin on his face. It”s mine. ‘And those people are called skiers.’ Afel was in love. The whole night he was inside the pond, shivering. I cried out, Wolf, Wolf ! In this section, read our entertaining short stories specially written for intermediate (CEFR level B1) or upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) learners. Instead, he looked around and thought, “What else can I do?” He saw that there were a lot of pebbles on the farm. My parents liked them a lot. Related – Related – Hansel and Gretel story, 20 Short Moral Stories, Monkey and cat story english, The lion and the Mouse Story,  The Fox and the Grapes Story, Panchatantra Stories english, Vikram and Betal Stories English, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, English story collection, Best Tenali Raman stories english, Adam and Eves bible story,Bed time short stories for Kids with Moral.

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