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“Let’s Do the Swim” sounded a lot like the previous album and was released on Del-Fi’s Selma label. The pages below contain scans of band cards of the bands on the East Los Angeles circuit in the 1960s. “You’d Better” was added to the play list of L.A.’s biggest rock station, KFWB, the first day it was released. The Romancers were an American, Chicano rock band, from the Eastside of Los Angeles, California, United States, who were active in the 1960s. Many of the band members left with Max and continued on their own. These Italian street performers used acrobatic skills and physical comedy to help establish commedia as a genre of theatre by the mid-1500s. Andy Tesso’s musical career was cut short when he was drafted and went to Viet Nam in 1965. Many of the members of the band stayed with Max and continued their engagement, where they backed up such artists as Little Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, The Coasters, The Shirelles, and Don Julian & the Meadowlarks. Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. The Romancers -3-AUTHORS' NOTE Commedia dell'arte (comedy of artists) originated in the streets and marketplaces of the early Italian Renaissance. “The Eastside Sound” CD on Dionysus Records (1996) has two Romancers tracks, which are also on the Varese Sarabande set. Feel free to contribute! The Romancers began to work as the house band at the legendary El Monte Legion Stadium and had a falling out with their manager, Billy Cardenas, over working with a certain promoter. On one memorable Del-Fi session, when The Heartbreakers recorded the Frank Zappa song “Every Time I See You,” the Romancers backed them up with Zappa on lead guitar. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. The album called “Do the Slauson” still sounds good today. Freeman was only 17 when he wrote and recorded his first hit, "Do You Want To Dance". in 1966, and subsequently a member of the 70s band, Yaqui.) Max and his band had to pack up immediately and get out of town for their safety. The album featured a great cover of “Patricia” by Perez Prado, and the classic East L.A. favorite, “Huggie’s Bunnies,” written by Tesso. I remember doing it first to “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen when I was in Jr. High School. They were also the first East L.A. band to work with Billy Cardenas and Eddie Davis, who went on to record many other Eastside bands throughout the 1960s. The release of “You’d Better” launched The Romancers success on the dance circuit. The Romancers. The Romancers began to develop vocal groups as part of their live show, including the aforementioned Heartbreakers and Sisters, The Slauson Brothers (George & John Ochoa), Yolanda Lea, Robert and Rey, and Sal and Margie. The Romancers are most notable for playing on the Premiers' hit "Farmer John." The Romancers were the first East L.A. band to record an album and were a huge influence on the Eastside Sound from the early to mid 1960's. Max is currently president of XELACOMEDIA, a full service music promotion and production company. They were so busy they added more musicians to the mix, sometimes splitting up into two bands to play two venues at the same time. ( I remember seeing Bobby with The Vesuvians, a surf rock group with Beach Boys-styled black and white striped shirts, at a rock & roll show at East L.A. College and being impressed.) Max was a major figure in East L.A. rock in the mid to late 60s, writing songs for The Romancers, The Premiers, Cannibal & the Headhunters, and The Atlantics. As a result of The Romancers’ success at Del-Fi, other Chicano artists recorded for the label such as, The Heartbreakers, Ronnie & the Pomona Casuals, and The Sisters. The Romancers made two albums on Del-Fi Records and a string of singles for Eddie Davis' Linda label. This collection was released in 1995 and I highly recommend it. Sometimes they were billed as Max Uballez or Maximillian and his Romancers band. They were one of the first East L.A. bands to record and paved the way for acts such as the Premiers and Cannibal & the Headhunters. The Romancers got their name from flyers and posters promoting East L.A. dances which read “Dance and Romance” this Saturday night, etc. Let us know what you think of the website. His biggest hit was “Land of a Thousand Dances” by Cannibal & the Headhunters, co-produced with Eddie Davis. The original members were Texas-born Alvin Thomas, Texas-born Woodrow "Bobo" Blake, Tyrone French, Jimmy Shelbourne and Bobby Freeman. At this point, Bob Keane wanted to keep Max with his label so Billy and Max went back to Del Fi, where they wanted to be anyway. I had the pleasure of playing with Andy at a party for Joe “Yo Yo” Jaramillo of Cannibal & the Headhunters at the home of John Perez of The Premiers in 1999. Max Uballez and lead guitarist, Andy Tesso, have different remembrances on the genesis of the band. At the time, he was playing with Cannibal & the Headhunters. Max Uballez and Billy Cardenas helped create and record these artists for the label. This was right after Andy Tesso had left The Romancers, so I never got to see Andy play live in the 60s. They were also the first East L.A. band to work with Billy Cardenas and Eddie Davis, who went on to record many other Eastside bands throughout the 1960s. The Romancers was a short-lived San Francisco vocal group that recorded one session for Dooto Records in Los Angeles and another for the Baytone label in their home town. I got to know Max Uballez in the early 80s and Andy in the late 90s. When Andy returned from his hitch in the army, he got married and became a California state plumbing contractor. The three surviving Headhunters were getting back together and needed a back up band. Max was kicked out of The Romancers. However, it served as another good hook for a new album. He didn't play music, and rarely touched his guitar, for a period of 30 years. After a brief parting of the ways in 2001, Andy is once again playing with Cannibal & the Headhunters in 2002. I particularly remember playing right before them at Rainbow Gardens in Pomona, California on a Sunday afternoon in 1964. Artist descriptions on are editable by everyone. The Romancers made two albums on Del-Fi Records and a … They were one of the first East L.A. bands to record and paved the way for acts such as the Premiers and Cannibal & the Headhunters. Th… The success of “Do the Slauson” prompted Del-Fi to follow it up with another Romancers instrumental album entitled, “Let’s Do the Swim.” The Swim was another 60s dance craze, which really wasn’t as popular on the Eastside as some other dances.

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