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The number of instruments produced in the early years 1893-1905, has been reduced. Important facts to consider before you look up your serial number: King serial numbers are difficult to track due to the different variations of product changes and the lack of official records. The new Legend Series models have returned to their original model names and are once again a “King 3B”. Trombones will have the serial number either on the back of the hand slide or on the neck receiver where it attaches to the handslide. Olds Serial Numbers and Dates for Trumpets and Cornets. The serial number is very distinctly NOT GA. This all depends on how old the instrument is. It was a grunt job, and one of my responsibilities was to reply to queries about serial numbers. The valve is swift and perfectly silent. Click here here to view it. Vintage King Trombones, H.N. Also, the comment in the serial number chart about #1200 being the highest Chicago serial number is out of date. Knowing if your Gibson banjo is a prewar or postwar model will help you understand the serial number. End dates past 1970 are given, when known. King Trombone Serial Number Lookup. Serial Number 924209 is a 1961 Series trombone, to be consider another one of Conn's best years for instruments.The original case and a Conn RemingtonMouthpiece is … Distin & Co (period of ownership by Boosey) brasswind serial numbers Serial #5xxx dates to 1920, not 1922. Student Tenor Trombones. The serial number found on your gun has the answer. The lacquer is in very good condition. From 1894 to 1908 each trombone slide was actually made by Mr. White. Date: Serial Number: 1883-1915: 1 - 50,000: 1915-1925: 50,000 - 78,000: 1925-1930: 78,001 - 128,000 In 2015 Conn-Selmer moved 88H assembly from Eastlake, Ohio to Elkhart, Indiana. This is because of a devastating fire at the factory which … Third Character (number) indicates year of decade, reading directly. Although the Conn model number index is very interesting, it doesn't show you what the instruments look like. King 3B “Plus” Bore. Stewart Stunell has recently e-mailed me some information about the 10.10, Besson International, Besson Stratford, Besson New Standard, Besson Academy and Sessionaire ranges. Brass King Serial Numbers. Thank you for sharing with us !!! YSL-200AD. Check out this video to find out how and where to look! On a trumpet, look on either side of the center valve for the serial number. King Instrument Serial Numbers; Previous King 3B based models were also referred to as the “2103” – which was more of a part number. Vintage Instruments can usually be dated by serial number. This area will help you read that serial number. Models manufactured post 1969 had a product code W. The rifle has a .22 caliber chamber, a tubular 11-round magazine, 24-inch round barrel, wooden semi-pistol grip stock. White Era will often have the serial number on the tuning slide, but not A number of the company’s predecessors are also represented in the archive, most significantly Boosey & Co. To find where your serial number is located, you will need to refer to your owner's manual. Locate King instrument serial numbers. Trombone Serial Numbers : Serial Number: Year : Year: Event / News -1890: Born Vincent Schrotenbach in Vienna -1916: Vincent Bach designed and handcrafted his first mouthpieces. Use the trombone's serial number to help identify the model number. Older saxophones may also have a serial number on the neck. When Boosey & Co. and Hawkes & Son merged in 1930, the resulting Boosey & Hawkes Company continued to use the Boosey serial number sequences for woodwind and brass instruments, and the records cover almost the The serial number found on your gun can tell you when your gun was manufactured. The King 3B is a medium-bore trombone currently manufactured by Conn-Selmer, Inc and sold as the 'King 2103 Legend 3B.' 200000: Nov. 1964: Serial numbers for Reynolds instruments were reset in 1964 after the company moved from Cleveland to Abilene, Texas. The widely available original Conn brass serial number list contains inaccuracies in serial numbers earlier than approximately 1920. The FN Browning Trombone is a pump-action long takedown rifle designed by John M. Browning in 1919, patented on 1 August 1922 and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal Belgium from 1922 to 1974. ---*23680, 24656 Boosey & Co and Boosey & Hawkes brasswind serial numbers This list is based on a study of the surviving workshop archives of Boosey & Co and Boosey & Hawkes, now in the care of the Horniman Museum, London These tables give the earliest serial numbers recorded for each period. From 1983 onwards, you may calculate the date of manufacture by adding 50 to the two digit prefix of the serial number. This is not quite correct. Full Slide Trombone Model Number List This is the full slide trombone model number list. The 1.10 series Gordon Cherry has very kindly given permission for his B&H trombone serial number list to be reproduced on this site. i got these for my 5120: Samick Plant, Korea May 2012 Production Number: 4215 Serial Number Physical Features Information #0 "Ambassador" Cornet: Bell type: Normal Bore mark: none Manufacture Location: Fullerton Est. Regardless of your trombone's manufacturer, the serial number should be located on the piece of metal where the slide attaches to the rest of the instrument (Reference 2). Trombone Serial Number Lists. manufacture date: 1977 Current Location: Alaska note: 2 bell presentation horn, 1977 #2 We have most owner's manuals online. What do the trombones look like? The age of any instrument manufactured after 1963 can be easily dated using the serial number. 2nd Number - Key or Pitch I think this seems to be fairly well established, although the listed items in italics are more theoretical. Popular with professional jazz musicians, the older models from the 1960s are known for their brilliant tone and fluidity in … Serial Number: Year Manufactured---Serial Number: Year Manufactured *14866: Jan. 1956---*22970: Nov. 1956 (Clev.) New models after 1970 are not included. 85000: 1964: SN 85459 last known Reynolds serial number with Cleveland-made parts. This page contains serial number lists (well, one list for now and hopefully more eventually) to help you estimate the approximate date of manufacture of your trombone. It is a number matching horn. ... covering the fluted trombone slide tubes that are introduced therein. The compact trombone allows beginning students to play certain notes without having to extend the slide beyond their reach. Another catalog is actually dated 1939 and shows the Radio model cornet but still does not introduce the Super Recording trumpet and cornet. Sometimes the serial number will be on both the handslide and the neck receiver. From 1983 onwards, you may calculate the date of manufacture by adding 50 to the two digit prefix of the serial number. You can tell the new Elkhart models by the more ornate bell engraving, which looks very nice. 1/01/2008 We have reevaluated the serial number list to reflect new information. *24259: Dec. 1956 (Clev.) Olds instrument serial numbers. All years other than 1906, 1946, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, and 1980 are approximations. Remarks All years other than 1906, 1946, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, and 1980 are approximations. … Jump to navigationJump to search. However, instruments produced prior to 1963 cannot be dated. Knowing your trombone's serial number can help you identify the year your instrument was made.

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