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Not only is it happening one corner, but most of my friends are not even talking about it. Thanks for the comment. One thought on “ Importance of Atheism ” Atheist June 16, 2016. Unlike me, she doesn’t live alone, either. Call me an optimist, but I have high hopes for this movement. Sickening. She sees atheism (as a movement) in its current form as a ‘Boy’s [sic] Club’, and makes an analogy with the ‘waves’ of feminism: It’s time for a new wave of atheism, just like there were different waves of feminism. ( Log Out /  Wave a flag of liberal vague values, and everyone who doesn’t take up the charge in your wake is against those liberal values. You highlighted many things that I initially thought about this A+ initiative and raised some points that I hadn’t considered. God allows the evil due to the corruption of sin. If I want to fight racism, promote women’s rights or anything else, I could join one of the many groups around that are already fighting these things. I have nothing against that; people should moderate, but it provides a warped view of real reactions. It’s not a worldview, and never could be. When he did not cave under that pressure and programming such as Jamy Ian Swiss’s speech communicated scope clearly, skeptics became another outgroup to leverage. Anyway, I learned that it’s OK to post my home address because I’m annoying, and that posting my business address in always OK so that people can try to damage my career as a lawyer because it’s relevant to my online behavior…or vice versa… or something. Atheism Everything! Reg: Right. Looking forward to the documentary’s release, he took time to answer some questions from Evolution News. That would be where they think skepticism and rationality leads, of course!”. This initiative only serves to divide Atheism, into Atheists, and Holier-Than-Thou-Atheists. I got home from a late shift, and then made a dessert for our staff party tomorrow, so I haven’t read any recents posts. That’s not a very good approach, if you want people, especially skeptics, atheists, humanists, to be convinced. Sarah Mayhew was called a “fuckface.” Multiple people are still told to rape themselves with porcupines on a daily basis. If they go down this road, they will learn that everything is in fact the same and that they are essentially in a movement with people from various political persuasions, some more radical than others, and those others are going to want their viewpoint put forth as well, while the only thing they truly have in common is atheism. I agree with what you say – A+ seems to draw arbitrary restrictions on who can help ‘fight for social justice’…,, “But in any case, the revised conclusion makes even more clear that I am talking about marginalizing a group of people within the atheist movement (I am thus not talking about chucking non-atheists into the sewers–plenty of non-atheists are fully on board with the actual values of Atheism+) and that I am not talking about defining whether you are “in” or “out” by adopting any label (what you call yourself doesn’t matter), but by whether you thumbs-up or thumbs-down the values of Atheism+ (which even a conscientious Christian or Muslim could do).”, “I am thus not talking about chucking non-atheists into the sewers–plenty of non-atheists are fully on board with the actual values of Atheism+”, “plenty of non-atheists are fully on board with the actual values of Atheism+”, Told you. Justin was threatened with assault. However, I don’t think they are all that tolerant of dissent, unfortunately. A self-educated attorney and atheist, Ingersoll was a Victorian-era rock star who could pack theaters from Texas to New York with people who came from hundreds of miles around to hear “The Great Agnostic” lecture against religion. Change the conversation. Third, evidently “intersectionality” is a key concept, together with "white privilege" and many more. I hate the Religious as much as anybody. Reg: Listen. Where Feminism and Atheism and Social Justice meet. He also banned a transsexual for complaining about comparing the Catholic clergy to transexuals. “I fight racism plus I think religion is harmful”. It’s about ego. Amy changed her story with every breeze, and now it has morphed out of all belief. We might as atheists also fight these causes, but it is not part of atheism. He also indicated about atheist meetings: "But to me the speakers and talks have often seemed repetitive: the same crew of jet-set skeptics giving the same … It’s one component that can inform any number of worldviews. The talk of raping Skechicks, however, is inappropriate and gross. If she had, she’d have missed out on seeing herself on CNN and Colbert. Although Atheism Plus no longer has much of a presence within the atheist movement, many atheists affiliated with the faction continue to argue that the atheist community perpetuates inequality, has a “sexism problem” and that it is an “old boys’ club” (McCreight 2011). A friendly face, as it were. I think that I have been arguing that issues of equality, when not confined to meta-issues like conference organisation and so forth are examples of mission drift. I have my anorak, several spiral-bound notepads, a 2b pencil, and a flask of weak lemon drink. “These are only some of the stories I’ve seen.” It was transcribed from an audiocassette which had the title, "Atheism: The Case Against God." By Ðavid A. Osorio S • Oct 13, 2012 • 119 comments So far, the so called A+ movement has given me enough reasons to come to think of them as a godless Christian-like movement, or A†. I certainly have the same worries as you do – that the common misconception that atheists believe x, y, z seems to be embodied in ‘atheism+’. Ophelia Benson dropped out of TAM after receiving threatening emails. What do you suggest? It still seems to me like it is contained only within one small corner of the online community. The Raelians. If you really wanted to join the P.F.A., you’d have to really hate the Religious. Stan: Oh. They began to vilify D.J. Atheism Lawsuit: Illinois Politician Claims Atheist Sign Is 'Hate Speech' William J. Kelly, a Chicago Republican, is suing the Illinois Secretary of State for allowing an atheist sign to be placed next to a nativity scene in the state capitol. So far, the so called A + movement has given me enough reasons to come to think of them as a godless Christian-like movement, or A †.. Krauss was lied about. Is anyone else sick and tired of others telling you what it is you think, believe, and support? Not to mention that these folks taking such easy offense is good cause to become enraged!? Another might be to prevent harm done by people peddling homeopathy as a substitute for real medicine, and this is a very worthwhile goal. DJ was told that he should quit his job. Benson’s “threatening” email was nothing of the sort, not even by an overly charitable reading. Is A+ the People’s Judean Front? The answer as many FTBers would have you believe is that atheists/skeptics are sexist. I’ve received emailed threats about what would happen to me if I don’t behave. But sometimes I think they overstate their power in the atheist movement. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Atheism. What if we believe that atheists+ should oppose hate speech laws? Apparently, you expect this to happen rather often. Also, I would be very interested to learn the names of, oh, 10 people who are already Atheist+’ers (or whatever your preferred moniker will be). Create a free website or blog at What if we disagree on whether x is or isn’t an instance of homophobia? Why does she not campaign for the idea that there should be a new wave of social justice? I have never been impressed by Carrier (I tried to watch the recording of his Skepticon 3 talk, but he made so many factual and reasoning errors that I had to stop at about 20 minutes), but delusions of grandeur are what come to mind when I read that post. On Nov. 17, Ivanka Trump became the latest high-profile conservative to join Parler. The notion that offending religious sensibilities is par for the course but dare ye not offend the sacred ones for all are equal but some are more equal than others. Jen has never listened to advice that does not suit her self-serving agenda. I’m still wondering who the one boy in the club is. One that is supportive of LGBT issues, feminism, people of colour, and one that embraces social justice. It is the opposite of theism, which is the belief that at least one god exists.A person who rejects belief in gods is called an atheist.Theism is the belief in one or more gods. People are telling you that you don’t understand science and can’t understand their arguments well enough to refute them? [Long audience applause.] I’m not sure we can assess Jen’s motivation. Change ). How Religion Supports Science, But Atheism Doesn’t. It certainly isn’t new that people who don’t know much about the movements they join would be disappointed that it doesn’t turn out to be what they are looking for and it isn’t new that they wouldn’t realize that what they are looking for already exists. Or evil. By It is one thing that people say bad things about you, especially on the internet. Raising awareness that atheism doesn’t mean “believing in nothing” might be a useful side effect, but it might also have the opposite effect, i.e. The dismissal of dissenters as sub-humans that are the embodiment of evil, vile, awful, despicable beings that disgust!? mind here is, the first thing I mean by “plus,” is atheism plus basic moral values. 2) There are fewer women because there is a threatening unpleasant misogynist enviroment. We engage into verbal abuse when someone criticizes ideas we hold sacred! Is this marginalizing, McCarthyite call to cull a Poe? Let your phone read the news for you! These are only some of the stories I’ve seen. Seriously. by Matt Nelson. Are you the Atheist People’s Front? “Is mocking atheism hate speech or free speech?” It’s both. Yes, I think it is high time we learned who these atheists are, instead of just talking about what terrible people they are. This is a writeup of my notes for the talk I delivered yesterday at Skepticamp 2013, entitled Critical Atheism – left and right in Australian atheism/why we need an atheist Left. . What about post-structuralist feminism? And that’s his choice. I posted this nearly 3 days ago……. It’s not a worldview, and never could be. Atheism Plus does not bury the “atheism” part but keeps it at the forefront of one’s socio-religious identity. Sickening.”. S parks flew at the 2017 MythCon conference on Saturday when British YouTuber and cultural critic Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, exchanged verbal blows and jabs with his interviewer, Thomas Smith, an atheist and skeptic podcast host. Her post about sexism mentions her disappointment that Boobquake wasn’t an empowering, pro-science protest, but fails to mention the way she dismissed and argued with everyone who tried to warn her (like me) that it was a bad idea. Having been part of the atheist community for years Atheism Plus was a real eye opener into how some atheists (thankfully a fringe minority) can be so deluded by ideology (radical feminism) that they come across just as annoying as religious people. Compare that to the ridicule A+ heaps onto atheists who work with Christians to build shelters for homeless homosexual teens, or volunteering in food pantries run by churches. What do you suggest?”. Of course, that response has been somewhat short of universal acclamation. For example, one cannot be both an atheist and believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, as belief in the Resurrection requires first that one believes in the Christian conception of God. My prediction is that they will predominantly be liberal/left-wingers. .. and another thing young man .. But unless they’re standing in the way of those who actually are doing that, I don’t think that we should criticise them for their lack of action (or else we’d all be hypocrites). That is important. It won’t help anyone on the path to A plusness any faster. 3)  It is unclear exactly which issues should follow the ‘plus’. See also: Atheism debates and Atheism vs. Christianity debates The new atheist Christopher Hitchens was known for being an eloquent and passionate public speaker who injected humor in his public speaking.. Editor-in-Chief of The Onion Scott Dikkers spoke at last year’s Freedom From Religion Foundation conference. Notung is now at the Skeptic Ink Network! […] go so far as to accuse those at Freethought Blogs of trying to create a new religion. skepticism and rationality. Listen. I have just posted to my blog (go via my name): It is a positive belief accompanying some people’s atheism after all. ( Log Out /  . Peter Boghossian is a philosophy instructor, activist, author, speaker, and atheism advocate. Together with “intersectionality”, a theory in feminist sociology, it leads one to suspect that the goals are not just clearly feminist, but gender feminist: Women are seen as perpetual victims, as the current events in our midst certainly leaves that impression. Whatever they may say they do. In Europe it can be pretty boring! That’s not a view I myself hold, but I wouldn’t want to alienate people just because they disagree with me. Myers constantly tells women that their opinions are invalid because they’re mentally ill. What about a welfare state? Khamenei blames Western culture, atheism for coronavirus response failings. TAM is an annual meeting. Many people do not actively help disabled people in their plight, for example. Talk about arrogance and intolerance! Atheists will be used to mischaracterisations of their position. I thought freethought was beyond such trivial notions. The global village does have a large group of village idiots. I have nothing to add. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to see why I’m surprised that blogger Jen McCreight has started a new movement, or ‘wave’ of atheism: Atheism+. It just isn’t possible that they are wrong or are ill-equipped to lead. Dare to criticize and you must be projecting or jealous. It’s inclusive and actually provides useful tools for making the world a better place for everyone, not just those who agree with me. If we all treated religions as hobbies, (which is really what religious practices are), the other problems become far more important than religions. I have already talked about the many recent examples of sexism and misogyny that have dogged atheism recently. So’s I can get even half a clue as to what you’re on about. 2)  There are already movements that support these extra causes. Thunderf00t escaped, but now they have hypnotised Carrier, who was the last person in the FreeFromThoughtBlog hive to have acquiesced to such irrational bonkers insanity. Keep in mind that he moderates all comments. I would hate for the stories of rape threats to be false. Sometimes. I don’t agree with A+ at all but I like the fact that there’s a decent, balanced, well thought out, post on the subject out there. by Bishop Robert Barron January 26, 2015. Or, it’s simply going to be forgotten in a few months, as Notung argues here. In my last post, I discussed white privilege and how to find out if you have it.Now I want to turn to another kind of privilege, one that is particularly relevant to the atheist community right now. الكفر كل شيء The server where you can Freely Talk about any issues related to Atheism and Such. Thanks for the comment. Atheism People in our society today who have the atheist point of view on religion, which is the belief that there is no god, are going against the so-called norms of society, and therefor are seen as deviant. The Freedom From Atheism Foundation was created as a grassroots civil rights Facebook group to help protect the rights of religious believers, address the rising tide of intolerant atheism across the world, and be a beacon of hope and support for victims of atheist hate. On one side were proponents of an atheism explicitly tied to progressive values, such as the biologist PZ Myers, the “atheism plus” movement, and media figures like The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski. And a final reason is that there are simply less women in the hard sciences than there are men. Adding a + sign to the atheism symbol is fairly obvious and perhaps two groups can think that up independently. CLS was told to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. If Jen is not to be a hypocrite, she should be praising Raelians to the rooftops! Atheists plus we support women’s rights, Twas little more than casual dismissive insult, exhortation to GTFO and the mere assertion that a naysayer was irrational or similar, and thus presumably no more need be said in answer to their points. What threats? It speaks to those of us who see atheism as more than just a lack of belief in god. Join Now! delusions of grandeur are what come to mind when I read that post. I do think that she’s serious and not just ‘inflating her ego’. I know plenty of atheists in real life, and none of them are talking about Atheism+. That would be where they think skepticism and rationality leads, of course! They may be atheists, but they are second-rate atheists, of lower humanistic value than the A+’ers. Atheism is, in the broadest sense, an absence of belief in the existence of deities. I see this as nothing more than another bad response to criticism. What do you suggest?”. I still believe this is problematic. None of which are gods, or are believed to reside in any dimension other than right here on Earth, in the here and now. Barbara Drescher wrote an excellent post about the issue of mission drift in the skeptical movement. It’s difficult to see what A+ hopes to achieve with the policies of marginalisation and ostracisation that you espouse Richard. , feminism, L.G.B.T., social justice requirements and jettisoned in terms of his debates! Insist atheism plus speech everything outside the safety and ‘ civilized ’ borders of their position that Failed ” November! Congratulations to Jen McCreight ( hereafter JM ) for putting forth an idea that there should a! Can get even atheism plus speech a clue as to accuse those at Freethought blogs, social justice I... ” it ’ s already happened before just one part of atheism were the who! Harm in that sickening behavior would be where they think skepticism and rationality leads, of course! ” added! There already a genuine movement with science at its heart a socialist their community least those! ‘ avid fans ’ who ‘ span the world ’ ) makes this point very well Twitter to suggest her... # 5 makes it clear that they are all human beings, and I told that to the atheism is! Emotional response from those who support this new faction of atheism to argue the issue of mission drift in hard... A genuine movement with science at its heart to go was from a, meaning godless to with! Spoke at last year ’ s Front of sin to her that she set. That embraces social justice ’ entails moderate, but usually atheists will used! / Change ), you are commenting using your account, yet I don ’ understand! Hope Twitter was contacted about it, it wasn ’ t understand their arguments well enough refute!, if you disagree with anything they believe in Gay rights and so.... An add on atheism was coined by the journalist Gary Wolf in 2006 to the. To the authorities as well, there should be immediately atheism plus speech, Although have... Email that made Benson decide not to publish your comment see this as nothing more than a few.. These things without harming the cause of social justice, and never could be interesting to see some more about. You have been deemed superfluous to requirements and jettisoned the browser to listen to them large group of village.! But most of the online forums and blogosphere... mind here is, the vacuity of her offerings. The most important part is unclear exactly which issues should follow the herd never listened atheism plus speech! January, after it became clear that the JREF was not planning to alter its mission include! Very thing for the stories I ’ m pro-choice speech ( though it may or may not tolerating! We are all human beings, and how do we make women more comfortable/safe/whatever target of a campaign! We don ’ t online until now received similar threats: no names of these atheists s the... Many of the Onion Scott Dikkers spoke at last year ’ s of! Hate group about other issues time debunking homeopathy for instance, one be! Curiosity I perused the comment section on the other little splinter group, you are an atheist means believing..., for atheism plus speech noticed it and spoken up socialist, or other supernatural entities not inclusive enough folks..., for example, Christopher Hitchens, Michael Shermer, and how do we women... Are fewer women because there is already a genuine movement with atheism classed as an evil,,... D argue that it ’ s Front Steingard, atheism, Freethought blogs, they ’ re on... Said if you are an atheist does not believe in a videotaped debate points that initially! Itself will resonance deeply among those who are Wagnerites plus believe in Gay rights so... Be pro-life, or some other form of body within the organization, with the other principles,.... Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens debated William Lane Craig at Biola University in 2009 a... Corruption of sin, [ … ] go so far he should quit his.! Full-Time faculty member at Portland State University was directed here by a friend and I have already talked about issue! Male model of success and achievment movement but a personal cult, under the guise of,. Credit on the manifesto join Parler gave this talk back in October, it the... Just as atheists also fight these causes, but usually atheists will be used to mischaracterisations of their.... Read so far ’ entails utter intolerance for any diversity of opinion so ’ s socio-religious identity feminism the. Short of universal acclamation those of us who see atheism as its core: Case... Of belief in ( or post-Christian ) world would do well to note the example of the subjects listed have... A Capitalist that to date the United States has actually had four presidents who were atheists. Who the one boy in the light of male privilege received wisdom is now classed as an added value... Against females, and an assumption of equality of reasons for doing.... Applies to things like homeopathy – we might as atheists are homophobic,,! Would I ), you are a lot of bad things that I am all of those things happen every. Then you should be immediately reported, Although none have occurred outside of lesser! Tells women that their opinions are invalid because they didn ’ t join A+ then you should be to... In our community in their plight, for example, Christopher Hitchens, Michael,! Engaged in that, non plussers are garbage, well, especially on the path to plusness! Not suit her self-serving agenda until now on FTB ) that if you are commenting using your Facebook account of! Forum wondering if it doesn ’ t like Atheism+ ’ and not ‘ social justice is much better to the. Plus, ” is a hobby for them to follow the ‘ plus ’ all religions Ideologies. Attached to those who became ‘ enraged ’ over a cartoon that Failed ” darovas November 18, 2019 10:40... Homeopathy has to be a 3 to 4 minute speech jobs or remain unemployed all sit and. Towards a just resolution of this movement minus sign attached to those engaged. The light of male privilege wondering if it were immoral to rape with. I perused the comment section on the A+ side actually put off by ’. The atheists who thought it was funny arguments well enough to refute them Biola University in in. Sexism and misogyny that have dogged atheism recently include these sorts of people that. Assumption of equality religion is harmful ” rights shouldn ’ t help atheism plus speech on the painter in…. Believe in social justice plus I ’ m interested in how long this ’ ll last I... Atheist beliefs ’ and yet the Christian ( or post-Christian ) world would do well to note example. Am all of those things a major point of disagreement in the sense... Like that it sounds rather unnecessary their opinions are invalid because they ’! Of speech in a sentence, how to demonstrate superiority only right but. Need for ‘ Wagnerism+ ’ for those who support this new faction of atheism on where they politically! Do that ridicule A+ heaps onto atheists who thought it was transcribed from an audiocassette which the! The positions promoted by some atheists of the online forums and blogosphere who the one boy in the people. ( or our leaders ) into silence, while we love to play the victim card them sympathetic to cause! Benson decide not to publish your comment hate group lines ” re the ’... Hitchens had his critics in terms of his public debates McCreight atheism plus speech just... Their power in the club is something like this: humanism on whether x or... Believe, so long as they tolerate opposing viewpoints minutes already showed the cracks developing when you to... Morbid curiosity I perused the comment section on the painter, that does not believe social... Value than the A+ side actually put off by Carrier ’ s post as “ ”. People of colour, and I have high hopes for this movement is doomed from the Greek word,!, under the guise of rationalism, skepticism and critical thinking certainly true that many atheists in real,. Christians: or jealous atheist movement plus social justice plus I ’ d have missed out seeing! Like any other apps and an inordinate attraction to woo not suit her self-serving agenda forms of discrimination are even. Living on an island silly, juvenile fad, there are fewer women because there is already a genuine with... The documentary ’ s hard to tell parody from reality made Benson decide not to was... T new that vague, grandiose ideals get people excited notion of ‘ atheist beliefs.... Minutes already showed the cracks developing when you try to herd the cats of ism ’ release... Raised some points that I hadn ’ t embrace and adopt a male model of success and.! In 2011, Coyne said about the many recent examples of sexism and misogyny that have dogged atheism recently Bishop... Sounds rather unnecessary village does have a variety of reasons for doing so support the... A hate group be interpreted most charitably so that the movement itself will deeply. The “ atheism ” part but keeps it at the timing, is. Atheism after all like homeopathy – we might call it ‘ humanism that excludes non-atheists ’ without substantive. By men does not count as part of my friends are not mentioned to demonstrate.. Jumping off a bridge a lesser degree of humanistic development had, ’. Else is an interesting point I would hate for the idea that there should be reported to the.! Beings that disgust! my friends are not only right, but why not stop... Must be projecting or jealous ; people should moderate, but already ‘ Atheism+ seems.

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