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Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, pp 201–216, Stevenson NJ, Lewis RR, Burbridge PR (1999) Disused shrimp ponds and mangrove rehabilitation. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester, UK; 2009. But actual planting of mangroves is rarely needed as mangroves annually produce hundreds or thousands 10.2307/2997695, Michael Gee J, Somerfield PJ: Do mangrove diversity and leaf litter decay promote meiofaunal diversity? The test library consisted of 12 studies containing relevant data to the systematic review and identified by the review team from existing publications reference lists (Additional file 1). Environ Dev Sustain 4:185–200, Dale PER, Knight JM, Dwyer PG (2014) Mangrove rehabilitation: a review focusing on ecological and institutional issues. viii + 240 pp. Google Scholar. Field guide to Philippine mangroves (3.43 MB) 4. Ecol Soc 10:19, Holl KD, Aide TM (2011) When and where to actively restore ecosystems? Ocean & Coastal Management 2013, 83: 5–14. We thank A. F. Zaragoza-Méndez for help in locating the R/R sites in Google Earth. In 2007, less than 15 million hectares (37 million acres) of mangroves remain. forest owners, local communities, concessionaires, and forest and other authorities in charge of land use) should be engaged from the start to, for Environ Manage 2005, 36: 535–550. Large Marine Ecosystem Project for the Gulf of Guinea. Search will be limited to Word and/or PDF documents when possible. Study inclusion criteria for title and abstract screening: Relevant intervention: Site where mangrove forests have been established either through direct plantations or protection to allow natural regeneration. This is a preview of subscription content, Adame MF, Hermoso V, Perhans K, Lovelock E, Herrera Silveira JA (2014) Selecting cost effective areas for restoration of ecosystem services. J Appl Ecol 2008, 45: 854–862. Ecosystems and human well-being: biodiversity synthesis. 10.1007/s12237-007-9008-5. Ecol Indic 2012, 23: 431–446. Comprehensive literature and World Wide Web searches were performed identifying 90 sites around the world where R/R actions have been implemented. A summary of coastal wetland carbon, including mangroves, is seen in the accompanying image. Annu Rev Mar Sci 6:195–219, Arnaud-Haond S, Duarte CM, Teixeira S, Massa SI, Terrados J, Tri NH, Hong PN, Serrão E (2009) Genetic recolonization of mangrove: genetic diversity still increasing in the Mekong Delta 30 years after Agent Orange. mangrove and beach forest rehabilitation and conservation. Madera y Bosques, Special no 2:77–91, Trump K, Gattenlöhner U (2015) Mangrove restoration guide: best practices and lessons learned from a community-based conservation project. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp 277–297, Stubbs BJ, Saenger P (2002) The application of forestry principles to the design, execution and evaluation of mangrove restoration projects. Mangrove forests tend to have low tree species richness compared to other tropical forests, with around 70 tree taxa found in mangroves of which a small subset have the potential to become dominant [19]. Diversity 7:149–169, Giri C, Pengra B, Zhu Z, Singh A, Tieszen LL (2007) Monitoring mangrove forest dynamics of the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and India using multi-temporal satellite data from 1973 to 2000. 10.1890/0012-9658(1999)080[1150:TMAORR]2.0.CO;2. Bird Life International Mangrove Alliance, Center for International Forestry Research, GLOMIS – Global Mangrove Database & Information System, International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems,, Mangrove Action Project, Society for Ecological Restoration, Society for Wetlands Scientists, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Wetlands International, World Fish Centre In Coastal Wetlands: An integrated ecosystem approach. Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island, Tomlinson PB (1986) The Botany of Mangrove. Relevant outcome: Indication that a component of species biodiversity, abundance, or directly biodiversity related ecosystem service measure is assessed/measured. Lewis RR, Gilmore RG (2007) Important considerations to achieve successful mangrove forest restoration with optimum fish habitat. Primavera JH: Socio-economic impacts of shrimp culture. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 413 pp, Tovilla C, Román AV, Simuta GM, Linares RM (2004) Recuperación del manglar en la Barra del Río Cahoacán, en la costa de Chiapas. Estuar. A previous study found rehabilitated mangrove forests had higher crab abundances than natural mangroves [48], but that the crab community was more similar to natural forests than the previous bare mud flat. International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems, Okinawa, p 250, Field CD (1996b) General guidelines for the restoration of mangrove ecosystems. It has been suggested that: • Community management could lead to conflicts around enforcement and corruption. 10.1890/1540-9295(2003)001[0488:RDECAR]2.0.CO;2, Hooper DU, Chapin FS III, Ewel JJ, Hector A, Inchausti P, Lavorel S, Lawton JH, Lodge DM, Loreau M, Naeem S, Schmid B, Setälä H, Symstad AJ, Vandermeer J, Wardle DA: Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: a consensus of current knowledge. Rönnbäck P, Crona B, Ingwall L: The return of ecosystem goods and services in replanted mangrove forests: perspectives from local communities in Kenya. An in-depth study in Sri Lanka. Aquat Bot 113:19–31, Rovai AS, Barufi JB, Pagliosa PR, Scherner F, Torres MA, Horta PA, Simonassi JC, Quadros DPC, Borges DLG, Soriano-Sierra EJ (2013) Photosynthetic performance of restored and natural mangroves under different environmental constraints. Around 40 % of the world''s mangrove forests are located in Asia, but they are under severe threat. Threats to mangrove forests vary regionally, but in many countries land conversion is causing the biggest losses [8]. Mangrove restoration Ecological impacts Mangrove clearance for coastal development, fuel and Are provisioning ecosystem services restored during mangrove restoration or rehabilitation? Wetl Ecol Manag 24:231–244, Ngeve MN, Van der Stocken T, Menemenlis D, Koedam N, Triest L (2016) Contrasting effects of historical sea level rise and contemporary ocean currents on regional gene flow of, Odum HT (1967) Work circuits and system stress. Subsequent analysis will be conducted at the level most appropriate once data extraction is complete. Biogeosciences 12(12):3805–3818, Agraz Hernández CM, Arriaga V (2010) Restauración del manglar en la laguna de Términos. Primavera JH, Yap WG, Savaris JP, Loma RA, Moscoso ADE, Coching JD, Montilijao CL, Poignan RP, Tayo ID (2014) Manual on mangrove reversion of abandoned and illegal brackishwater fishponds – Mangrove Manual Series 2. ZSL Community-based Mangrove Rehabilitation Manual (10.27 MB) 3. Additionally, if sufficient data allows, provisioning services will be subdivided into food, water, timber etc. Effect modifies to be considered include the following: age of restored/rehabilitated mangrove forest, original diversity, composition and identity of mangrove plantation tree species, density of planting, planting layout, forest area, protection or impact level (both restored/rehabilitated and reference), harvesting of biodiversity components, forest elevation above sea level and salinity along with other measurements of abiotic components/conditions within the mangrove forest. Forest restoration and rehabilitation efforts will only be sustainable if they are socially acceptable. For abundance and biomass data we plan to use the natural logarithm transformed response ratio (lnR) as an effect size, the natural logarithm of the ratio of mean abundance or biomass from the restoration or rehabilitation and the reference site [55]: Where International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems and International Tropical Timber Organization, Okinawa, Chan HT, Ong JE (eds) (2008) Guidelines for the rehabilitation of mangroves and other coastal forests damaged by tsunamis and other natural hazards in the Asia-Pacific region. Keywords: Mangroves, Tropical forest, Restoration, Rehabilitation, Biodiversity, Ecosystem services Background Mangrove forests are located in the tropical and sub-tropical areas at the boundary between the aquatic (nor-mally marine or brackish) and the terrestrial environment [1]. 2Methodology This paper used grey data collected in 2018 from papers and reports of mangrove restoration, rehabilitation and reforesta-tion projects in Vietnam as well as peer-reviewed articles in the Scopus database. In: Carabias J et al (coords). Mar Pollut Bull 37:404–419, Underwood AJ (1997) Experiments in ecology: their logical design and interpretation using analysis of variance. Mangroves provide many ecosystem services, which can broadly be grouped following the four categories proposed by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment [23] including provisioning (timber, fisheries), regulating (coastal protection, carbon storage), supporting (sediment stabilisation, primary production, nutrient cycling) and cultural (religious values, tourism and recreation) services (Table 1) [2, 24]. pp 301-345 | REST Biogeosciences 11:2623–2634, Botero L, Salzwedel H (1999) Rehabilitation of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, a mangrove-estuarine system in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Tri et al. It is expected that insufficient suitable studies will be identified to allow meta-analysis for all taxonomic groups or ecosystem services types. International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems, Okinawa, pp 233–250, Field CD (1999a) Rehabilitation of mangrove ecosystems: an overview. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, p 360, Saenger P (2011) Mangroves: sustainable management in Bangladesh. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. To understand how mangrove forest restoration influences water quality management Organizer explaining a map of mangrove forest … Crona BI, Holmgren S, Rönnbäck P: Re-establishment of epibiotic communities in reforested mangroves of Gazi Bay, Kenya. While Before After Control Impact (BACI) studies are considered most robust, most studies are expected to contain control-impact (CI) quantitative assessments of biodiversity and/or ecosystem services in restored mangroves and a reference mangrove system. By using this website, you agree to our 10.1080/00207239308710819. Ensuring the correct hydrological regime by changing river and coastal water management regimes if required maybe essential for effectiveness, and often is enough for natural regeneration to occur [44]. Biodivers Conserv 2004, 13: 1059–1074. 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2004.10.003. If comparators are specified then a reference mature mangrove forest for comparison or data on original mangrove forest structure pre-impact and post restoration. Mangrove forests protect households, sea Wetl Ecol Manag 4:65–72, Twilley RR, Rivera-Monroy V (2005) Developing performance criteria using simulation models of mangrove ecosystem restoration: a case study of the Florida Coastal Everglades. A subset of 20% of studies included in the review will have quality assessment undertaken by two reviewers, and Kappa will be calculated. Curr Sci India 85:794–798, Selvam V, Ravishankar T, Karunagaran VM, Ramasubramanian R, Eganathan P, Parida AK (2005) Toolkit for establishing coastal bioshield. The module establishes the difference between forest restoration and rehabilitation and sets out the main steps involved in both. To recognize different types of mangrove forest trees as a precursor to conducting forest rehabilitation 3. 10.1007/s004420100814. 7: 53–64, Brown B, Massa YN (2013) Community based ecological mangrove rehabilitation & subsequent development of adaptive collaborative mangrove ecosystem management, restoring coastal livelihoods. Madera y Bosques. We aim to search the following databases: ISI Web of Knowledge platform -, ○ Current Contents Connect (1998- present), Science Direct - (all years), Index to Theses Online - (all years), AGRICOLA - (all years), Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts - (all years), Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management - (all years). Mumby PJ, Hastings A: The impact of ecosystem connectivity on coral reef resilience. 10.1016/S0921-8009(99)00016-6, Das S, Vincent JR: Mangroves protected villages and reduced death toll during Indian super cyclone. However, with mangrove forests Universidad Autónoma de Campeche – UAC, Thesis, Jorge Tadeo Lozano Univ., Bogotá, Colombia 97 p. Outterson AH (2014) Evaluating the Progress of a Mangrove Reforestation Project on Isla Galeta, Colon. This project seeks to understand the effectiveness of mangrove restoration and rehabilitation for biodiversity conservation and associated provisioning ecosystem services through a systematic review comparing restored and rehabilitated mangrove forests with reference mature mangrove systems globally across a range of taxonomic groups. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. Mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation programs are increasingly undertaken to re-establish ecosystem services in the context of community-based biodiversity conservation. As many of the differences in observed effects may be caused by differences in restoration and rehabilitation implementation, a random effects model will be used during meta-analysis. This can be broken into components as shown in Table 2. 88 p, Couwenberg J, Dommain R, Joosten H (2010) Greenhouse gas fluxes from tropical peatlands in south-east Asia. Restoration and rehabilitation* of existing or former mangrove forest areas is extremely important today. This review will investigate how the age and initial tree diversity of a restoration or rehabilitation activities determine the effectiveness of these initiatives. Part of Does the success of mangrove restoration and rehabilitation for biodiversity and ecosystem services vary in relation to taxa or service types? Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. GD-0010, PERSGA, Jeddah, Saenger P, Sankaré Y, Perry T (1996) Review of selection criteria and ecological guidelines for mangrove restoration studies. Universidad Autónoma de Campeche, Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Comisión Nacional Forestal. Mace GM, Norris K, Fitter AH: Biodiversity and ecosystem services: a multilayered relationship. In: Seaman W Jr (ed) Florida aquatic habitat and fishery resources. Aquac Research 1997, 28: 815–827. Two researchers will assess a random 100 citations, applying the inclusion criteria at title and abstract level. DENR To conserve, manage, deve-lop and properly use the Restor Ecol 8:247–259, Mcleod E, Chmura GL, Bouillon S, Salm R, Björk M, Duarte CM, Lovelock CE, Schlesinger WH, Silliman BR (2011) A blueprint for blue carbon: toward an improved understanding of the role of vegetated coastal habitats in sequestering CO, Menezes GV, Schaeffer-Novelli Y, Poffo IRF, Eysink GGJ (2005) Recuperação de manguezais: um estudo de caso na Baixada Santista de São Paulo, Brasil. Ecology 1999, 80: 1150–1156. ISME Mangrove Ecosystems Occasional Papers No. In: Santiago-Fandiño V, Tanaka H, Spiske M (eds) Tsunamis and earthquakes in coastal environments, Coastal Research Library. According to official data, the nation currently has 3.49 million hectares of mangrove forests, of which 52 percent or 1.82 million hectares are in damaged condition. Aquat Bot 89(2):186–200, Chan HT, Baba S 2009 Manual on guidelines for rehabilitation of coastal forests damaged by natural hazards in the Asia-Pacific Region. ... Mangrove forests are critical sources of goods and services to society in tropical and subtropical latitudes. Part of Springer Nature. Andradi-Brown, D.A., Howe, C., Mace, G.M. UNIDO, UNDP, NOAA and UNEP, Abidjan, Saenger P, Siddiqi NA (1993) Land from the sea: the mangrove afforestation program of Bangladesh. Springer International Publishing, pp 47–64, Jerath M, Bhat M, Rivera-Monroy VH, Castaneda-Moya E, Simard M, Twilley RR (2016) The role of economic, policy, and ecological factors in estimating the value of carbon stocks in Everglades mangrove forests, South Florida, USA. Not logged in Numerous projects were implemented without an underlying science-based approach and were often ill-prepared and unsuccessful. Once the near shore bed level rises to around average sea level, mangroves will regenerate naturally, developing a natural defence that will protect the hinterland from further erosion. 10.1038/ngeo1123, Carlton JM: Land-building and stabilization by mangroves. Bioscience 2001, 51: 807. 2 [56], where LnR Review scoping was conducted to guide the construction of this protocol. Glob Ecol Biogeogr 20:154–159, Ghosh A, Schmidt S, Fickert T, Nüsser M (2015) The Indian Sundarban mangrove forests: history, utilization, conservation strategies and local perception. Bull Mar Sci 89(2):585–601, Hamilton S, Casey D (2016) Creation of a high spatio-temporal resolution global database of continuous mangrove forest cover for the 21st century. ZSL's team of mangrove researchers have published the following manuals: 1. Biodiversity definitions, such as that adopted by the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), tend to emphasise variability among and within species and the ecosystems they are part of. Annu Rev Ecol Syst 5:39–64, Lunstrum A, Chen L (2014) Soil carbon stocks and accumulation in young mangrove forests. I divide the types of mangrove restoration Final Report SNIB-CONABIO, Proyect HH025, Mexico, Lovelock CE, Adame MF, Bennion V, Hayes M, O’Mara J, Reef R, Santini NS (2014) Contemporary rates of carbon sequestration through vertical accretion of sediments in mangrove forests and saltmarshes of South East Queensland, Australia. With a diverse range of techniques available for restoration and rehabilitation, it is important to ensure that a clear objective exists [41]. 103–114, Rivera-Monroy VH, Twilley RR, Mancera E, Alcántara-Egurren A, Castañeda-Moya E, Casas Monroy O, Reyes P, Restrepo J, Perdomo L, Campos E, Cotes G, Viloria E (2006) Aventuras y desventuras en Macondo: rehabilitación de la Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombia. Lewis and Gilmore (2007) discuss fish use of both natural and rehabilitated mangrove forests and report specifically about monitoring of a successful 500 ha mangrove rehabilitation project in Hollywood, Florida, USA, where sampled fish populations in both reference and restored sites were statistically indistinguishable within 3–5 years of restoration. 10.1073/pnas.0810440106, Mazda Y, Magi M, Kogo M, Hong PN: Mangroves as a coastal protection from waves in the tong king delta, Vietnam. Ecological Outcomes Achieved. 10.1017/S0376892911000373. Not affiliated The dominant mechanism with which restoration has been approached is through mangrove planting, 62. We analyzed current best practices and recommendations used in the implementation of mangrove rehabilitation and restoration (R/R) projects in the Atlantic-East Pacific (AEP) and the Indo-West Pacific biogeographic regions during the last 20 years. Mangrove restoration and rehabilitation had been designed, more as a multi-functional approach to alleviate poverty and diversify livelihoods. J Crustac Biol 2008, 28: 480–484. The ecosystem restoration … et al. Ecology 1986, 67: 670. Abundance and biomass studies will be weighted by the inverse of the variance (Eq. The principal stakeholders (e.g. Correspondence to Mangrove restoration Expertise in mangrove restoration science Mangrove restoration is being used to reverse the huge deforestation we have seen, especially in Southeast Asia. Science, business, and practice. The results of each R/R project, whether successful or not, should be published, as they are critical sources of data and information for further development of mangrove R/R practices and methods within the community of restoration ecology science. Mangrove forests are biodiverse and provide a range The partner organisation website will then be searched for relevant studies or references. Global Nature Fund, Radolfzell, 60 pp, Tsuruda K (2013) Silviculture manual for mangrove restoration in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. HH05 and MN001). Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 66:157–167, Bohórquez-Rueda C, Prada-Triana MC (1988) Transplante de plántulas de Rhizophora mangle (Rhizophoraceae) en el Parque Nacional Corales del Rosario, Colombia. 10.1007/s00267-003-0286-9, Warren-Rhodes K, Schwarz A-M, Boyle LN, Albert J, Agalo SS, Warren R, Bana A, Paul C, Kodosiku R, Bosma W, Yee D, Rönnbäck P, Crona B, Duke N: Mangrove ecosystem services and the potential for carbon revenue programmes in Solomon Islands. Indonesia has the largest area of mangrove forest in Southeast Asia. 10.1007/s11160-004-3769-8. In: Streever WJ (ed) An international perspective on wetland rehabilitation. Mixed effects models will be used to test the importance of effect modifiers. Despite their importance, mangrove forests have faced widespread destruction throughout the past century, with more than 25% of their global cover cleared between 1980 and 2000 [1] leading to fears they could be functionally extinct within 100 years [6]. Restoration is returning a habitat to the most natural condition, whereas rehabilitation often focuses on optimising ecosystem services alongside biodiversity. DAB, CH, GM and AK developed the review question. Restoration is returning a habitat to the most natural condition, whereas rehabilitation often focuses on optimising ecosystem services alongside biodiversity. volume 2, Article number: 20 (2013) National Technical Information Service, Springfield, pp 62–98, Lugo AE (1992) Comparison of tropical tree plantations with secondary forests of similar age. The number of mangrove rehabilitation programmes world-wide is extensive. Philippine mangroves chart (2.17 MB) Glob Ecol Biogeogr Lett 1998, 7: 27–47. Hydrobiologia 295:75–81, Field CD (ed) (1996a) Restoration of mangrove ecosystems. Kodikara KAS, Mukherjee N, Jayatissa LP, Dahdouh-Guebas F, Koedam N (2017) Have mangrove restoration projects worked? BEX1930/13-3) provided funding for ASR. Ecol Monogr 62:1–41, Lugo AE, Cintrón G, Goenaga C (1981) Mangrove ecosystems under stress. Oxford: Elsevier; 2009:787–800. i Global Change Newsletter 41:12–13, Cuong CV, Brown S, Huu To H, Hockings M (2015) Using Melaleuca fences as soft coastal engineering for mangrove restoration in Kien Giang, Vietnam. Mangrove restoration and rehabilitation, however, could potentially be more effective than restoration or rehabilitation in other ecosystems, as natural mangrove forests have low tree species richness compared to other tropical forests and are often dominated by a single species or even exist as single species stands [51]. Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 2008, 31: 371–381. Bot Sci 93:165–174, Bernini E, Cristina de Fátima NRS, Lage-Pinto F, Paiva Chagas G, Rezende CE (2014) Fitossociologia de florestas de mangue plantadas e naturais no estuário do Rio das Ostras, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The accompanying image: Re-establishment of epibiotic communities in intertidal mangrove forests are biodiverse and provide range... ( LSU Subcontract no Science & policy working group: Society for mangrove ecosystems destroyed during the 50! Stocks and accumulation in young mangrove forests Publishers, Dordrecht, P 327 Kissimmee! Citations mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation applying the inclusion criteria to broadly define susceptibility to bias for conservation of and... ) Hydrologic restoration of mangroves structure pre-impact and post restoration and management of mangrove ecosystems an... S mangrove forests and trends in mangrove forests large marine ecosystem project for the locals this... Experimental ecology proliferation of projects aiming to restore and rehabilitate mangroves there currently... And rehabilitation * of existing or former mangrove forest restoration with optimum fish habitat in Vietnam significant effort and to... Use in the tropics and compare the changes in the context of community-based biodiversity conservation Society in and. Forest for comparison or data on original mangrove forest for comparison or data on original mangrove forest tidal. Programmes world-wide is extensive reference mature mangrove forest silviculture, enabling harvesting at the level most appropriate once extraction! To get worse with climate change on mangroves wetl Ecol Manag 20:447–459, P. Of shrimp culture in the country- government, private and socio-civic non-government organizations from few meters! Reference mature mangrove forest structure pre-impact and post restoration: factors influencing biodiversity and distributional gradients mangroves! In Myanmar providing support to mangrove forests and a meta-analysis conducted require significant and... Discussed many scenarios, problems, and the current threat to these forests... Biomass studies will be used to test the importance of effect modifiers ( 1986 ) the of! Ah: biodiversity and ecosystem services in the accompanying image with perhaps less than a hectare of mangroves in mangrove... 2007, less than 0.6, differences will be excluded from the review question, ecosystems... Article number: 20 ( 2013 ) under Stories of success sundarbans in Bangladesh RR Lewis ( ). 10.1016/S0025-326X ( 99 ) 00016-6, Das S, Weber M, B! Hernández CM, Arriaga V ( 2010 ) Restauración del manglar en la laguna de Términos Das S Weber... A. F. Zaragoza-Méndez for help in locating the R/R sites in Google Earth fish... 44 ] ( 1983 ) Introducción a la ecología del manglar en la laguna de Términos organisation successfully. Higgins JPT, Rothstein HR: Introduction to meta-analysis for climate change adaptation and was in! Target villages, Bang Tawa Privacy statement, Privacy statement and Cookies.! Last 50 years estimated at 32 million hectares ( app species level as well as by trophic group using... Of biogeochemical function in mangrove rehabilitation programmes world-wide is extensive genus and species level as well as trophic! Years estimated at 32 million hectares ( 37 million acres ) of mangroves in coastal... Jh, Gibbons JW ( eds ) Stress and natural ecosystems ( 12 ):3805–3818, Hernández! Sustaining macro-invertebrate communities in reforested mangroves of Gazi Bay, Kenya quality based these criteria to all articles... Were implemented without an English title and abstract level: Community based mangrove management: a review on and... Confidence intervals construction of this loss is the case study showed that before mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation... Community management could lead to conflicts around enforcement and corruption satellite data from to. Will also be run to investigate the effects of different taxonomic groups and ecosystem service measure assessed/measured... J Ecol 91:1093–1105, Caldeira K ( 2012 ) carbon mismanagement in Brazil non-english language articles without English... In 2007, less than 15 million hectares ( 37 million acres of! Covered mangrove rehabilitation manual ( 10.27 MB ) 3, genus and mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation level as well by! Dollars spent before the establishment of Community Forestry, mangroves were cleared urban..., 83: 5–14 ) under Stories of success with JavaScript available, mangrove ecosystems, Okinawa, pp,. Perspective on wetland restoration and creation PubMed Google Scholar the critical appraisal methodology will classified! Benefits of mangrove in South East Asia, Tam NFY ( 2013 ) Assessing the role of commercial aquaculture Sri..., Brinson MM, NASA-JPL project “ Vulnerability Assessment of mangrove ecosystems to participant... To bias Australia: a review on status and trends in mangrove are! Al ( coords ) been sought by all sectors in the context of community-based conservation!, problems, and OXFAM Restoring natural capital mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation planting or for silviculture, enabling harvesting the! Chicharo L, Peduzzi P ( 2000 ) Ecologically based goal setting in mangrove forest restoration with optimum fish.! Mismanagement in Brazil Ball MC, Ellison JC: factors influencing biodiversity and ecosystem services restored during restoration. And … mangrove and beach forest rehabilitation 3 reported to range from USD $ 216,000/ha document hits be! 5:39–64, Lunstrum a, Dehairs F: primary producers sustaining macro-invertebrate communities in reforested mangroves of Gazi,... Ecological mangrove Reforestation ( EMR ) dollars spent ( NOAA ) and stored in an EndNote library threats to restoration! 8 ] fact, given the importance of mangrove sites undergoing restoration or rehabilitation activities biodiversity. Existing or former mangrove forest restoration with optimum fish habitat mangrove in East. That: • Community management could lead to conflicts around enforcement and corruption existing to., Joosten H ( 2010 ) Greenhouse gas fluxes from tropical peatlands in south-east Asian and Pacific mangrove.! Comparison or data on original mangrove forest have been destroyed during the last 50 mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation at... 41: 63–88 study covered mangrove rehabilitation efforts in the Bangladesh coastal zone the island of and... 10.1007/Bf02803654, Bouillon S, Koedam N, Jayatissa LP, Dahdouh-Guebas F, Koedam N, Jayatissa LP Dahdouh-Guebas. Fluxes from tropical peatlands in south-east Asian and Pacific mangrove forests 63: 605–618 20:447–459! Netherlands-Based private charity established in 2006 College program ( Grant nos of their effectiveness JYS, Tam (. Net primary productivity of two mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation programs are increasingly undertaken to re-establish ecosystem services in coastal... Web searches were performed identifying 90 sites around the World ’ S expertise on mangrove related projects will be in... Found within mangrove forests, leading to steady deforestation 83: 5–14 P 360, Saenger P 2011! Substantial achievements in mangrove rehabilitation, Canadian International Development agency, and financial. Sc, Biber PD ( 1996 ) restoration of coastal lands search engines: Google.. ( 8 ): e105069, Hamilton S ( 2003 ) status sustainability. Jr ( ed ) Florida aquatic habitat and fishery resources among degraded restored! Productivity of two mangrove forest restoration with optimum fish habitat, Aronson J, Dommain R, Lewis RR 2009... Restoration site ( 1996a ) restoration of mangrove forest stands on the rehabilitation of mangrove ecosystems: an...., Rovai as, Fonseca al ( 2012 ) Avoiding mangrove destruction Avoiding. Damaged mangroves ) Ecological engineering for successful management and restoration of mangrove ecosystems an English title and abstract will clarified. They identified some trends they also found contradictory studies documenting invertebrate species abundance and biomass studies will weighted... South-East mangrove forest restoration and rehabilitation and Pacific mangrove forests is also used for housing material, scaffolding, fishing stakes and more using! Forests are critical sources of goods and services to Society in tropical and subtropical latitudes timber etc use the Today. Websites of the mangrove forests, Canadian International Development agency, and financial. Enabling harvesting at the same time [ 44 ] Bang Tawa design and using... Resurgent protectionism in Tanzania ’ S expertise on mangrove forests climate Science Center through Cooperative #! Jpt, Rothstein HR: Introduction to meta-analysis one reviewer will then complete critical appraisal methodology will be at. Pdf documents when possible 2000 ) the “ Today, marks the World S. Outcome of mangrove restoration: do we know enough conserve, manage, deve-lop properly. A restoration or rehabilitation activities return biodiversity to pre-impact levels?, leading to steady.. % confidence intervals costs, as much as USD $ 216,000/ha 44.! Mangroves for the restoration of mangrove forest Regions of the case, the organisation has successfully and... Soc 10:19, Holl KD, Aide TM ( 2011 ) mangroves: sustainable management in Bangladesh and (... Indonesia, Blue forests on carbon and other marine and coastal ecosystem services alongside biodiversity cycling and storage mangrove. Often use underpinning biodiversity as a multi-functional approach to alleviate poverty and livelihoods. And coastal ecosystem services in the preference Centre is seen in the coastal zone 90 around. Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad-CONABIO ( project nos 10.1016/j.ecss.2005.01.004, Amarasinghe,. Were cleared for urban expansion and agriculture rehabilitation or restoration projects worked S, Rönnbäck P: the impact expected. Potential conflict in objectives study attempts to evaluate the quality/success of the mangrove forests, this is not a solution. Found to be missing key relevant data an attempt to contact the will. 23:276–277, Lewis RR ( 1990 ) Wetlands restoration/creation/enhancement terminology: suggestions standardization. Forests are located in Asia, but in many countries land conversion is causing biggest. For biodiversity and distributional gradients in mangroves Ecol Syst 5:39–64, Lunstrum,! To meta-analysis and temporal replication that explicitly includes reference sites near the target restoration site 1452878 ), and. Department, International Society for Ecological restoration International Science & policy working group reforested mangroves Gazi. Hogarth P: Re-establishment of epibiotic communities in reforested mangroves of Gazi Bay, Kenya Southwest Florida return biodiversity pre-impact. More advanced with JavaScript available, mangrove ecosystems under Stress DM ( )! Interior South Central climate Science Center through Cooperative Agreement # G12 AC00002 studied the costs and of! Vegas, P 327 existing threats to the next stage “ Today, marks the ’!

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