Pathways Study

“Glycocalyx pathways linking pregnancy profile with microvascular dysfunction postpartum”

magee magee-womens research institute university of pittsburgh pitt aha american heart association go red for women postdoctoral fellowship training program go red mwri james jim roberts cardiovascular pregnancy janet catov carl hubel rob powersThe Magee-Womens Research Institute and the University of Pittsburgh’s American Heart Association “Go Red for Women” Research Center investigates how stress signals from pregnancy, as may be measured in blood or urine, or by looking for vascular or placental pathology, can be used to gain insight about the unique causes of cardiovascular disease (CVD) of women in later life. Our research projects focus on responses of small blood vessels (the microvasculature) to the stresses of pregnancy and placenta-related pregnancy disorders which may reveal pathways of CVD in certain women in the years after delivery.

To learn more about cardiovascular health for women, you can visit the American Heart Association’s website for the Go Red for Women. Learn what you can do to stay healthy.


Women in their third trimester of pregnancy planning to deliver their babies at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and who are willing to return to Magee at one year after delivery may be eligible for the study.

Contact information for interested volunteers meeting the enrollment criteria: Please call or text the Pathways Study office at 412-802-9185 or email

Remember to let the medical staff know you are interested or involved (if you have been enrolled) in our research study when you are admitted to deliver your baby!


If you have questions or need to change your appointment, please call or text the Pathways Study office at 412-802-9185.

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