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Jiang Cheng is possibly the angriest he has ever been, then he finds Wei Wuxian in his rooms. Wei Ying and Jiang Cheng refuse to accept that they're both Omegas and don't waste the chance to beat up anyone who says otherwise.After an ugly incident, the Twin pride of Yunmeng finds themselves tied to the two Jades of Lan. On bad days he wouldn't be able to get out of bed, staring hollowly at the ceiling in a way that reminded him too much of the period of time between waking up only to feel nothing in place of his golden core, confirming that his time in the hands of Wen Chao and his lackeys was not a dream- and the swell of hope when Wei Wuxian told him about a way to develop a new core. Just as what the title says.Wangxian's happily ever after in the tune of Fluff and Porn.Enjoy the collection of short stories and don't think too much about the details *winks*, “Great news, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji have died!”. Jiang Cheng is bitter. Instead of submitting to the mortifying ordeal of bed-sharing, they stay up until 2am playing Monopoly. Lan Xichen is ready to spend the rest of his life in seclusion, lost in guilt and self-recrimination. Lan Xichen is ready to spend the rest of his life in seclusion, lost in guilt and self-recrimination. After all, he is the prince who was promised. Jiang Cheng finds Lan Sizhui in his room while Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi are arguing outside. ***********************Trigger Warning and viewer discretion: This book contains adult content, strong language, violence, and abuse. History Chinese Fandom English-Language Fandom Please consider turning it on! In seclusion, Lan Huan has the support of a ghost no one has seen since the massacre of Yunmeng Jiang. From then on, Jiang Cheng took Jiang Fengmian's favoritism of Wei Wuxian as ev… She takes him back to Lotus Pier, determined to not let anyone destroy her family no matter how much political maneuvering and plotting it takes. No." In the Animation, Jiang Cheng has short black hair that is pulle… lwj kills his own love life in the worst way, Jīn Líng | Jīn Rúlán & Lán Jǐngyí & Lán Yuàn | Lán Sīzhuī & Ōuyáng Zǐzhēn, mdzssecretsanta2020's MDZS Secret Santa 2020, Lan Xichen is having the time of his life, Lan Xichen and Jiang Yanli share the only braincell, oh my god if you get second hand embarrassment this is not for you. “Listen, Jiang Cheng,” he starts and Jiang Cheng is rolling his eyes at him before he even goes on. It was still pitch black. “Zewu-Jun. Un misto di shock e rabbia lo attanagliarono. Now Wei Wuxian, the Yiling Laozu, and Lan Wangji, known as Hanguang-Jun, must cooperate in order to complete their task without complications. “Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re not coming home tonight,” he says and he tries to hide just how much that hurts. Ever since Jiang Yanli's death and Wei Wuxian's presumed ‘death’, the meaning of family hovered above his head, he wondered who to stroll around Yunmeng with and who he would dine with by the lotus pond. Also, he really fits the criterias Jiang Cheng has set for his life partner. Long dark hair hid their face from his view but Jiang Cheng knew exactly who this person was. Even now, when he doesn’t need to or want to, his footsteps are still soft. When Wei Ying first arrived at Lotus Pier Madame Yu was infuriated with her husband, convinced she had been cheated on and this was the result. Once upon a time, Hong Kong was a beacon to yao and demons, a territory of opportunity, a good hunting ground. It lived with the Sect's people in peace.That was before one cultivator from different Sect walked into its territory. “Why?” As Sizhui’s voice halted, Jin Ling questioned the most important thing for what his heart sought answer. wangxian ao3, Ship - WangXian. Jiang Cheng slowly opened his eyes, still clutching his head and leaning against the tree from all of the nausea. Submission to #Xichengclipse2020Prompt Day 1 : Rightousness and Protection. Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang are pretending to be a couple. Death is never ending, but always another step on the cycle of reincarnation. Please consider turning it on! Jiang Cheng has a secret that he doesn't want anyone else to know. The blessings seemed to appear at random, with no discernable factors contributing to the emergence. "I dunno if you know what you've gotten yourself into," he started, trying to hold whatever feelings he was currently feeling in," but I hope you're prepared, cos im not easy to get rid of.". His eyebrows were thin, and his almond-colored eyes possessed a composed vigor, yet resembled two bolts of lightning whenever he had the intention to attack. Posting fanart somewhere. "We should do something about that.

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