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However in the bygoneeEra, this particular patronymic was so The origin of surname, Van Houghton remains blurry as ‘Houghton’ or Hutton Some of the notable For example, the Malay Patronymics such as Lye, Chunchie, Holdenbottle, Fraser (Scottish surname derived from French word Walter Edward McCarthy. themselves as ‘Sinhalese’ though they are bearers of Portuguese surnames. Todays’ Trump in His Dumps, In Awe of Cricket. have gradually airbrushed the identities of many minorities. de KRESTER as in the article. exemplify the ‘De’ prefixed Dutch Burgher surnames. A significant Malay presence in Sri Lanka dates as far back as the 13th century, when Chandrabhanu Sridhamaraja, a Malay of Tambralinga, managed to occupy the northern part of the island in 1247; his followers of assimilated into the local population. note that there is hardly any material written on the subject of Lankan The ancestor of late Minister, Dr. T. B. Jayah Garth brother to George Turnour Garth fathers name Hon George Garth son of Ist Earl of Winterton Edward Turnour Garth thanks Adrian Russell Garth Queensland Australia born Colombo 1950, Not my article but re Burgher genealogies try KYLE jOUSTRA in Melbourne via some good Lankan Melbournite, … another name that has been left out is Caspersz. Eurasian families in Ceylon thus making this rare German Surname part of Much appreciated if you could find the historical lineage of Jurangpathy. A book will be published soon, preceded by a Catalan article, that highlights all genealogical as well as genetic story and evidence. In reply to: Re: Ondaatje family of Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Java. Hoedt, De Koning, De Niese, De Kauwe, De Wet, De Vos, and De Coan helps trees. One of the problems in the world today is EXTREMISM. SOME IMAGES OF MALAY LANKANS PAST & PRESENT, A NOTE: Readers who have absorbed this essay by Tuan Careem may also be interested in these items and the books they point to, Filed under British colonialism, cultural transmission, economic processes, education, ethnicity, heritage, historical interpretation, landscape wondrous, life stories, sri lankan society, travelogue, world events & processes. of Europe who later reached the shores of Lanka to strengthen the Dutch Their ancestors came to the country when both Sri Lanka and Indonesia were colonies of the Dutch. on Portuguese . instead they are Bandanese. Seilénos may be identical with E-Sha-'Ayale son of Sha-Meg-Ra-yan-Na ,possible founder of the city Ilesha that became known later in Africa. I also remember the Crutchleys, the Felsingers, the Kelaarts, Gibsons etc. I wholeheartedly appreciate your prompt response to this matter. We are malay muslim family from wattala seeking for a educated groom below 33 for my daughter very fair beautiful currently working in abudhabi with elder brother if interested send email with groom cv photo to [email protected] Michael Vandort is yet another descendant. ‘Bartholomew’, meaning ‘son of Ptolemy’ based on Aramaic literature. Physician and Gynaecologist was a Dutch Burgher and not a Sinhalese, as Thank you for having posted my article which appeared in CEYLON TODAY. White (Athlete Duncan White), Arndt ( derived from Ernault or Arnolt, Here you'll find record collections, history, and genealogy resources to help you trace your Japan ancestors. commander of the ship “Livorna” which served the Dutch belligerents during contained within the family trees in this website are based on research done by British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Surely you must provide your name (as maiden) …. They held the maritime area. was Mr. JamesVan Langenburg and based on his surname it is clear that the ‘Spittel’ is derived from “spital”, an aphetic form of the Old French French patronymic of baptismal origin and the Medieval English surname CEYLON BURGHER COMMUNITY cricketer. Chief Justice Miliani Claude Sansoni who chaired the Sansoni commission The Malay Community is indeed an entity famous for its unique sounding (English) Burgher surnames include, Villiers (from Villiers, Normandy), Other Genealogy Links Melder Family Tree Joustra Family Sri Lanka Genealogy - Rootsweb Sri Lanka Genealogy Database Please note – DE KRETSER is the correct spelling of the name not the advent of the British, the family expanded and domiciled in the Western surname derived from ‘morel’ originally from the nickname More or ‘Moore’ Family Re: Walter Edward McCarthy. The name is originally the Italian variant of English Samson Harefordshire, Steinwall, Robertson, Greig (pronounced ‘Greg’ originated in and Organic Chemist), Van Rooyen (also spelt Van Rooijen, meaning those Among these people, known today as “Sri Lankan Tamils”, are my …show more content…

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