Goals and Overview

The goal of our training program is to offer a multidisciplinary training program to provide fellows basic, clinical, population and translational research experience. In addition we provide individuals with training to perform research on cardiovascular disease in women with an overall appreciation of the sex-specific care and issues related to adverse pregnancy outcomes and cardiovascular disease in women across their life span. We have recruited one clinical fellow (an obstetrical fellow in our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Training Program), an epidemiologist and a basic scientist. Click here to meet the fellows.

Clinical exposure is tailored to the trainee, with an obstetrical trainee exposed to the development, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in women, and an internal medicine or cardiology fellow participating in the care of high-risk women during pregnancy and immediately following delivery (e.g., preeclampsia and preexisting hypertension). The PhD trainee experiences the care of women during each of these life stages. This program will provide trainees an invaluable exposure to the problem of cardiovascular disease in women, helping them direct their research efforts based upon a holistic vision of women’s health and the impact of cardiovascular disease.

This exposure occupies a small but important component of the training experience. The major goal of the training program is for the trainee to learn hands-on research while also obtaining exposure to the other two disciplines. This training is complemented by didactic education to ensure that our trainees acquire the full complement of relevant skills necessary for a successful academic research career. This is further facilitated by interactions with fellows and faculty from the other centers.