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AOTA’s Advanced Certification Program; ... Tell me about a situation during your fieldwork where you felt most proud to be an occupational therapy practitioner. The Interview process will be kept as informal as possible and is aimed at helping us to get to know you and help you decide whether this is the right course for you. A good occupational therapy assistant understands that their role is defined clearly in relation to the occupational therapist. Practice 33 Occupational Therapist Interview Questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to answer each question. Listen. Members. Whether you are an OT, know an OT, want to be an OT, or just want to hang out with some OT's, you are welcome here. Occupational Therapy University Interview Questions Sample university interview questions for an occupational therapy degree. Online. Continuing Education. A study on the importance of first impressions in a job interview found that the first 20 seconds of an interview can make a huge impact on the assessment. An interesting interview question was a situational question where I was asked if I had a patient enter rehab from the hospital setting and had to do an eval that day, what would I look at first (bathing, grooming, or dressing) and why?--I think they are looking for your ability to critically reason in questions like that. Mock Interview Questions-A +A. 79. On this page, you will find sample responses to some of the most frequently asked questions for an occupational therapy job interview, broken out into 4 categories as listed below. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Southeast Missouri State University and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Join. Prior to being accepted into occupational therapy school, prospecting applicants may be asked to undergo an interview process.As with any interview, interviewees have to worry about what they’re going to wear, make sure they show up early, and answer questions in an honest, yet timely manner. Tell me why you went into occupational therapy. This is a subreddit to celebrate all things Occupational Therapy. It sets up some basic guidelines to test the knowledge of the potential hire. Usually interviews are one on one, but if you’re applying to study Occupational Therapy then you’ll need to be prepared that you might find yourself in a group interview. Job & Career Resources. School based OT interview questions. Interview season is upon us, causing thousands of potential occupational therapy (OT) students copious amounts of applying to OT school.Once you get the interview, you worry about what to wear, how to prepare for the weather (especially if you’re living in harsh winter climate), transportation and what to bring with you on interview day. To perform well during an interview for an occupational therapy position you should prepare ahead of time. Get/Maintain Your License. 15.2k. Find a Job. While just completing their first semester as full time Occupational Therapy (OT) graduate students, Cleo Miller (left) and Taylor Eells (right) were interviewed. With an additional 98 professionally written interview answer examples. BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy . This is a great question to start the interview process. Renee Leuschke is a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Registered & Licensed with over 10 years of experience working in hospitals and outpatient clinicals. Congratulations, you have successfully been selected for an interview at the University of Northampton. Created Dec 21, 2010.

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